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Main description:

Gout is an inflammatory arthritic condition, which is becoming increasingly common in both men and women. Characterised by painful, swollen joints, gout can occur in acute, intermittent attacks or it can develop into a crippling chronic disease. Attacks are typically brought on by over consumption of purine-rich foods and drinks, such as shellfish and beer, medications for high blood pressure, being overweight, major surgery and other medical conditions such as diabetes. This is an invaluable reference guide answering 217 genuine questions about gout and offering positive, practical advice on dealing with the condition. It dispels the myth that this is just a problem suffered by the over indulgent and provides the best advice on treatment and alleviating painful symptoms.


1. Introduction 2. What is gout? Diagnosing gout What brings on an attack of gout Gout and the kidneys 3. Living with gout The acute attack Dealing with work and gout Deposits in the joints Continuing healthcare Recuperation and exercise Asking for financial help 4. Drugs to combat pain and inflammation Colchicine Treating the pain Complementary methods 5. Drugs to lower the level of urate in the blood Measuring uric acid in body fluids Uric acid and the kidneys Controlling the formation of uric acid Diet and allopurinol Helping the excretion of uric acid Drugs that destroy uric acid 6. Food and drink Eating like a king Drinking like a lord Weight loss Food, drink and uric acid 7. Gout in children and young adults Familial juvenile hyperuricaemic nephropathy (FJHN) Other metabolic disorders associated with high uric acid levels and gout Incidence and diagnosis Living with LND and KSS 8. Research and the Future Can gout be cured? Research into the causes of gout Help for people with gout Glossary Appendix 1 Useful addresses Appendix 2 Useful publications


ISBN-13: 9781859593769
Publisher: Class Publishing (Class Legal)
Publication date: January, 2013
Pages: 204
Dimensions: 150.00 x 210.00 x 16.00
Weight: 283g
Availability: Not available (reason unspecified)
Subcategories: Rheumatology


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