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Building on the success of the popular first edition, this book supports a better understanding of medical education for anyone involved in supporting future GPs. Its easy to read style coupled with expert opinion makes it an authoritative text on how to become involved with and develop GP education, supporting both trainees and their trainers in understanding and delivering the curriculum and assessment requirements for completion of GP specialty training. This book will help all those involved in training, whether a GP trainer (educational supervisor), a Training Programme Director, a clinical supervisor or a GP trainee, to achieve an optimal level of academic and experiential learning in order to demonstrate the capabilities, competencies and skills required of the current and future community generalist. It does this through practical advice and examples, drawing on contributors who are highly experienced, renowned in this field and keen to share their knowledge to support others. It will also help those charged with developing and changing services to see how they can take the needs of their primary care workforce into account when considering such provision related change.*
Part 1 describes the means by which the future GP is trained. * Part 2 focuses on assessments for the MRCGP and tools to support the training of the future GP. * Part 3 examines the changes likely to influence general practice in the future, considering how we should prepare ourselves and future GPs. This guide reflects the increasing knowledge and skills demanded of general practitioners as they assume a leadership role that will be pivotal in the future delivery of health care and the transformation of primary care and its workforce. This book contains * Contributions by experts in their field that offers definitive views and experience for GP educators * Concise chapters that focus on how to deliver and improve educational experience * Links to resources and references for busy practitioners interested in extending their knowledge Needs met * It is easy to read and packed full of wisdom * It is contemporaneous and demonstrates how to become effective as an educator * It does not shy away from tackling the key challenges of our time


1. The strategic and operational management of general practice training 2. Applying educational theory to improve learning 3. Linking theory and practice 4. Assessment in general practice training 5. Educational support in general practice training 6. Managing doctors in difficulty in general practice 7. General practice trainees as teachers and educators 8. Developing medical professionalism through general practice training 9. The RCGP curriculum and its use in general practice training 10. The e-portfolio: connecting learning and assessment 11. Clinical Skills Assessment 12. Case-based discussion 13. Use of the consultation observation tool in general practice training 14. The Applied Knowledge Test 15. Multi-source feedback 16. The transition into independent clinical practice 17. The role of social media in general practice training 18. Modern general practice and its educational challenges 19. General practice for tomorrow 20. Emergent themes in future health care


ISBN-13: 9780850844146
Publisher: Royal College of General Practitioners
Publication date: June, 2016
Pages: 272
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Ethics, General Practice


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