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Acute and General Medicine

21 - 22 Nov. 2017

Heart Failure Congress 2014

17 - 20 May 2014, Athens, GREECE

Anticipated attendance: 3800 delegates Delegate profile: Cardiologists and allied medical professionals. Conference code: HEFA14 Meeting website:www.escardio.org/congresses/heart-failure-2014/Pages/welcome.aspx?hit=wca
Exhibition address: Athens - details to follow 

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Exhibition overview

The 2014 Heart Failure Congress is organised by the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology (HFA of the ESC). It is aimed at anyone interested in any aspect of heart failure from epidemiology, through basic and translational science to prevention (reviewing the treatment of hypertension and post-infarction care), diagnosis (including novel imaging modalities and biomarkers), monitoring (together with remote monitoring), prognostication (risk stratification as well as use of biomarkers), medical and nursing management (including drugs, devices, tele-care and surgery). The programme will also include updates on the latest clinical trials, reviews of the best published papers and a summary of the most important heart failure presentations at the major international cardiology conferences, as well as joint sessions held with other international societies. There will also be presentations of new clinically relevant areas,.

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