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World Cong on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gyn & Infertility

30 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2017

European Society of Neuroradiology

17 - 20 September 2015, Naples, ITALY

Anticipated attendance: 1000 delegates Delegate profile: Radiologists and allied medical and scientific professionals and trainees Conference code: ESNR15 Meeting website:www.esnr.org/en/38th-annual-meeting-2015-naples-italy/
Exhibition address: Hotel Royal Continental 
Via Partenope 38/44
Lungomare Caracciolo

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Exhibition overview

The ESNR is a very active scientific society in both Diagnostic and Interventional fields. The society also offers training courses at both basic and advanced levels leading recently not only to the diploma in Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology but also in Pediatric Neuroradiology and Spine Interventional Neuroradiology.

The scientific program of the Annual Meeting will start on Friday, September 18 and the main topics include:
- Aneurysms
- Acute Stroke
- Brain Tumors
- Dementia and MD
- Pediatric Neuroradiology
- Head and Neck Pathology
- Spine Diagnosis and Treatment
- White Matter Disease
- Dural Fistula

This year we have decided to organise a special session for radiology residents (and anyone else who is interested) on how to write and review a paper, how to get a European grant and how to patent an idea. These topics are mainly addressed to younger members of our society but nevertheless may also be attractive for the majority of our members.

In addition, a session to meet the South Mediterranean Countries (Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco); with these countries our Society would like to exchange experience and promote a program of cooperation and training.

We have certainly reserved space for Free Communications, poster presentations, lectures and workshops that represent the vital stream of the Annual Meeting, as usual.

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