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International Workshop on Lung Health

18 - 20 Jan. 2018

British NeuroPychiatry Association Annual General Meeting

27 - 28 February 2014, London

Anticipated attendance: 300 delegates Delegate profile: Psychiatrists, neurologists, neuroscientists Conference code: BNPY14 Meeting website:www.bnpa.org.uk
Exhibition address:

UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street

London WC1N 1EH 

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Exhibition overview

The British NeuroPsychiatry Association (BNPA) is the principal academic and professional body for medical practitioners and professionals allied to medicine working at the interface of the clinical and cognitive neurosciences and psychiatry. 
The aims of the BNPA are to:
  • provide a forum for the exchange of ideas related to neuropsychiatry
  • encourage and facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion of clinical and academic issues of common interest
  • create a platform for the presentation of ideas and research findings through its open meetings

Focus of interest: activities reflect and cater for a membership spanning the fields of psychiatry, neurology and neuropsychology, and the various related clinical and basic neurosciences.

Membership is thus open to medical practitioners in psychiatry, neurology and related neurosciences, e.g. neurophysiology, neurosurgery, neuroadiology, neuropathology, neuropsychopharmacology; to postgraduate psychologists working in clinical or experimental fields related to psychiatry or neurology; and to postgraduate laboratory workers in the neurosciences. Members are primarily located within Great Britain.

Exhibition details



Day 1 – New Developments in cognition


David Skuse  - ‘Global positioning and social interaction’

Roland Zahn  -  ‘Neuropsychiatry of social knowledge and moral motivation’

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore - ‘Development of Cognition’

Eileen Joyce - ‘Schizophrenia and Cognition’

James Nichol - ‘The prospects for a vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease’


JNNP Guest Speaker:

Nick Fox - 'The clinical implications of dementia as a systems disorder'


BNPA Research Update:

David Okai - ‘Impulse control’

Hugh Richards - ‘Anticholinesterase inhibitors’


Day 2 - Neuropsychiatric Manifestations/Encephalitis


Neil Scolding - ‘CNS manifestations of vasculitis and connective tissue disease’

Tom Solomon - ‘Infected encephalitis’ tbc

Joseph Dalmau - ‘Paraneoplastic Syndromes’



Angela Vincent - “Autoimmune encephalitis”



“Future relationship between neurology and psychiatry”

For: Geraint Rees Against: Simon Wessley

Chair: Peter White/plus 2 trainee seconders)


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