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Young People Living With Cancer
Implications for Policy and Practice
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"This book is shouting out to every person who is involved with young people's cancer. I hope they listen". (Macmillan Cancer Support). "This is an absolute 'must' read for all those who care for young people with cancer, including the patients themselves, parents, doctors, nurses, psychologists and all of the caring professions". (Professor Tim Eden, Christie NHS Trust, Manchester, UK). "I particularly liked the layout of the book and the initial chapter is called 'setting the scene'. It does just that and informs the reader of services available and leads the reader into the remaining chapters about diagnosis through to sexuality and finally implication for policy and practice. I would recommend this book for everyone involved with cancer care. As a nurse I found it excellent. As a mum of two young people I found it very emotional". (Jan Stevens, Nurse Coordinator, Hospice at Home). "This book should be compulsory reading for all healthcare professionals who work with young people with cancer and especially for all professionals who may, at some stage, meet a solitary young person with cancer". (Sue Morgan, St James's University Hospital, Leeds, UK).
What issues are of most concern to young adults living with cancer? How can a supportive care setting be established? How can we offer the optimum age appropriate care? This book uses original data gathered from in-depth research to present an account of what it is like to be an adolescent or young adult living with cancer. These first hand accounts contribute to the insight necessary to the provision of age appropriate quality care. The implications of these research findings for policy and practice are also related to NICE Guidance (2005). Though primarily based on a thematic analysis of interview data, the book also provides contextual and statistical information on the current incidence of cancer in young adults. "Young People Living with Cancer" is essential reading for health professionals engaged in the care of young adults with cancer, support workers in the health services, young adults with cancer, their families, academics and students. The text offers a contribution to policy and practice that may enhance compliance and consequently improve outcomes.


ISBN-13: 9780335229789
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (Open University Press)
Publication date: February, 2007
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 155.00 x 230.00 x 14.00

Subcategories: General Practice