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Wounded By Reality
Understanding and Treating Adult Onset Trauma
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Main description:

The culmination of three decades of studying and treating survivors of adult onset trauma, "Wounded by Reality" is the first systematic attempt to differentiate adult onset trauma from childhood trauma, with which it is frequently confused. When catastrophic events overtake adult lives, they often scar the psyche in ways that psychodynamically oriented clinicians struggle to understand. For Ghislaine Boulanger, the enormous challenge of working with these patients is unsurprising. Survivors of major catastrophe, whether a natural disaster, a life-threatening assault, a serious accident, or an act of terrorism, experience a near-fatal disruption of fundamental aspects of self experience. The sense of agency, of affectivity, of bodily integrity, the capacity for self-reflection, the sense of time, and the ability to relate to others - all are called into question.


Toward a Psychodynamic Understanding of Adult Onset Trauma. Catastrophic Dissociation and Childhood Trauma: Some Distinctions. The Cost of Survival: Historical Perspectives on Adult Onset Trauma. Wounded by Reality: The Relational Turn. The Core Self in Crisis: Deconstructing Catastrophic Dissociation. The Relational Self in Crisis: Further Deconstructing Catastrophic Dissociation. From Voyeur to Witness: The Crisis in Symbolic Functioning During Catastrophic Dissociation. The Ancient Mariner's Dilemma: Constructing a Trauma Narrative. The Strength Found in Innocence: Resistance to Working Psychodynamically with Survivors of Adult Onset Trauma. The Psychological Politics of Catastrophe: Local, Personal, and Professional.


ISBN-13: 9781136873041
Publisher: Analytic Press,U.S.
Publication date: November, 2006
Pages: 202
Dimensions: 152.00 x 229.00 x 17.00

Subcategories: Psychiatry, Psychology