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World Century Compendium To Tcm - Volume 3: Introduction To Chinese Materia Medica
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Main description:

This book aims to provide readers with adequate knowledge for clinical application of Chinese medicine, which is in line with the fundamental principle of "correspondence of Chinese medicinals and patterns." It contains a brief introduction to relative theories, divides these medicinals by actions into categories such as exterior-releasing, heat-clearing, purgative, dampness-dispelling, fluid retention-disinhibiting, interior-warming, qi-regulating, blood-invigorating, blood-stanching, food accumulation-relieving, phlegm, cough- and wheezing-arresting, mind-tranquilizing, liver-calming, orifices-opening, tonifying, astringing, and worm-dispelling, and elaborates each herb in terms of its actions, quality, indications, usage, and dosage. Furthermore, mnemonics and simple and effective formulas are included to help readers effectively grasp the concepts behind practical applications, and precautions and daily practices are specifically designed to support readers in easily understanding and retaining the information.


First Week: Basic Theory of Chinese Materia Medica; General Knowledge of Chinese Materia Medica; Medicinal Nature and Flavor of Chinese Materia Medica; Four Natures and Five Flavors Factors Affecting the Effects of Chinese Materia Medica; Compatibility and Contraindication of Chinese Materia Medica; Second Week: Medicinals that Release Exterior; Acrid-Warm Medicinals that Release the Exterior; Acrid-Cool Medicinals that Release the Exterior; Third Week: Medicinals that Clear Heat; Medicinals that Clear Heat and Drain Fire; Medicinals that Clear Heat and Resolve Toxins; Fourth Week: Medicinals that Clear Heat and Cool Blood; Medicinals that Clear Deficiency-Heat; Purgatives; Fifth Week: Medicinals that Dispel Wind-damp; Aromatic Medicinals that Remove Dampness; Sixth Week: Medicinals that Promote Urination; Medicinals that Warm the Interior; Seventh Week: Medicinals that Regulate Qi; Eighth Week: Medicinals that Promote Digestion; Medicinals that Expel Worm; Medicinals that Stanch Bleeding; Ninth Week: Medicinals that Invigorate Blood; Tenth Week: Medicinals that Dissolve Phlegm; Medicinals that Relieve Cough and Wheezing; Eleventh Week: Medicinals that Calm the Spirit; Medicinals that Calm the Liver and Extinguish Wind; Twelfth Week: Medicinals that Open Orifices; Medicinals that Tonify Qi; Medicinals that Tonify Blood; Thirteenth Week: Medicinals that Tonify Yin; Fourteenth Week: Medicinals that Tonify Yang; Medicinals that Consolidate and Astringe; Medicinal Name Index.


ISBN-13: 9781938134173
Publisher: World Century
Publication date: June, 2013
Pages: 350

Subcategories: Complementary Medicine