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World Century Compendium To Tcm - Volume 2: Introduction To Diagnosis In Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Main description:

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), with a history of thousands of years, is the crystallization of the ancient Chinese people's experience in their struggle against diseases. It is also an integral part of their splendid culture. Under the influence and direction of classic Chinese philosophies, it has undergone long-term medical practice and infiltrated into, as well as absorbed from, other subjects at that time, thus gradually evolving into a unique medical theoretical system that contributed significantly to the health care of the Chinese people and the prosperity of the Chinese nation. This 7-volume set comprehensively covers the main components of TCM, such as Basic Theory, Diagnosis, Prescription, Chinese Materia Medica, Tui Na, Acupuncture and Moxibustion.


Introduction: Development History; Characteristics and Principles; Four Diagnostic Methods: Inspection; Auscultation and Olfaction; Palpation and Pulse-Taking; Eight Principles: Concept of the Eight Principles; Deficiency Syndrome and Excess Syndrome; Syndrome Differentiation: Concept of Syndrome Differentiation; Pattern Identification of Etiologies; Improper Diet and Overexertion; Sexual Indulgence; Pattern Identification of Qi, Blood and Body Fluids; The Pattern Identification of Qi Disorders; Pattern Identification of the Zang-Fu Organs; Pattern Identification of the Meridians; Pattern Identification of the Six Meridians; Combination of Yin-Yang Diseases; Transmission of the Patterns of Wei-Defense, Qi, Ying-Nutrients and Blood; Identification of Common Signs and Symptoms: Fever; Sweating; Coughing; Vertigo; Insomnia; Convulsions; Unconsciousness; Dysphagia; Abdominal Masses; Atrophy-Flaccidity; Pattern Identification and Medical Records: Identification of Main Symptoms; Identification of the Disease Progression; Identification of the Pathogenesis; Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment for Common Conditions: Common Respiratory System Conditions; Bronchitis; Common Digestive System Conditions; Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers; Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis; Common Circulation System Conditions; Hypertension; Common Urinary System Conditions; Common Hematopoietic System Conditions; Aplastic Anemia; Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura; Common Metabolic Conditions; Diabetes; Gout; Common Endocrine System Conditions; Hyperthyroidism; Common Infectious Conditions; Viral Hepatitis; Pulmonary Tuberculosis; Malignant Cancers; Primary Bronchial Cancer; Gastric Cancer; Primary Carcinoma of the Liver; Index of the Formulae.


ISBN-13: 9781938134142
Publisher: World Century
Publication date: July, 2013
Pages: 350

Subcategories: Medical Diagnosis