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Working More Creatively with Groups
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Main description:

This is a new edition of the classic group work textbook! In "Working More Creatively with Groups", Jarlath Benson presents the essential knowledge required to set up and work with a group. He looks at how to plan and lead a group successfully and how to intervene skilfully. As well as covering the different stages in the life of a group, the book emphasizes the various levels of group experience and gives suggestions for working imaginatively with them. This thoroughly updated third edition not only provides a comprehensive guide to groupwork but shows the groupworker how to move on to more in-depth and intensive work, using a variety of strategies illustrated by full clinical vignettes. Many chapters are updated and expanded to include Benson's latest thinking and teaching and the book includes two new chapters. The first focuses on working with and developing different sorts of groups along the therapeutic/educational continuum. The second new chapter discusses how to best use a supervisory process and set up and run a supervisory group.
Well known and widely used by social workers, psychologists, educationalists and youth workers, this popular text is suitable for all those working with groups.


Introduction 1. How to Plan the Group 2. Leading and Setting Up the Group 3. Working with Different Types of Groups 4. An Introduction to Group Dynamics and Process 5. Work at the Beginning Stages of the Group: Inclusion Issues 6. Work at the Middle Stages of the Group: Control Issues 7. Work at the Later Stages of the Group: Affection Issues 8. Work at the Ending Stage of the Group: Separation Issues 9. The Foundations of Creative Groupwork 10. The Skills of Creative Groupwork 11. The Techniques of Creative Groupwork 12. Working More Intensively with Groups: Focus and Context 13. Working More Synthetically with the Group 14. Group Supervision 15. Keeping your Practice Going


ISBN-13: 9781135266578
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2009
Pages: 288

Subcategories: General Practice, Psychotherapy