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Women's Global Health
Norms and State Policies
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Main description:

Women's Global Health: Norms and State Policies is a comprehensive assessment of the health of women around the globe that will inform debates underway in the fields of ethics, women's studies, and international studies. Through case studies of the United Nations, Sweden, the Nerthlands, Germany, Mozambique, Tanzania, the United States, Iran, Sri Lanka, and India, this book examines how the laws and policies of a nation-state affect women's health.


Chapter 1: Women's Global Health, Norms and State Policies Lyn Boyd-Judson and Patrick James Chapter 2: Gender Equity-United Nations Closing the Gender Gap in Global Health: Norms, International Aid, and Outcomes for Women's Health Debra L. DeLaet Chapter 3: Prostitution and Trafficking-Sweden, Netherlands, and Germany Social Norms and Policies on Prostitution and Trafficking: Swedish, Dutch, and German Evidence Nadejda Marinova and Patrick James Chapter 4: Abortion Legality-Mozambique and Tanzania Morality, Legality, and Health: The Influence of the Grounds of Abortion Legality on Abortion-Related Health Issues Laura Sjoberg Chapter 5: Global Gag Rule on Abortion Speech-United States US Family Planning Policy and Domestic Divisions: Implications for Women's Reproductive Health Karen L. Baird Chapter 6: Breastfeeding and the Role of the State-Iran State Policies Restricting Access to Infant Formula: Ethics and Impact on Women's and Children's Health Leah R. Perlman and Kathryn Roberts Chapter 7: Government Cash Incentives for Institutional Deliveries-India Ethics and Global Health Promotion: The Government-Sponsored Janani Suraksha Yojana Maternal Health Financing Scheme in India Katherine Ba-Thike and Ayushi Gummadi Chapter 8: Expanding Dimensions of Women's Health-Sri Lanka 'Beyond Reproduction': A New Shift in Women's Health in Sri Lanka? Darshi Thoradeniya Chapter 9: What Have We Learned? Patrick James and Lyn Boyd-Judson


ISBN-13: 9780739188897
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: August, 2015
Pages: 178
Dimensions: 155.00 x 229.00 x 14.00