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What's Up With Your Gut?
Why You Bloat After Eating Bread and Pasta...and Other Gut Problems
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Main description:

This book is written for the millions of people worldwide who suffer from gut problems; from burping and acid reflux to abdominal pain and flatulence through to diarrhoea, bloating and constipation. What happens between eating your food and it coming out the other end can sometimes be a source of daily discomfort and embarrassment. Health journalist Jo Waters and Gastroenterologist Professor Julian Walters look at possible causes of your gut troubles - some of them minor and others more serious - and how to address them. Whether you bloat after eating pasta or bread, suffer cramping diarrhoea when you are stressed out , get constipated when you're on holiday or just feel fatigued by your grumbling guts, they show what the options are for diagnosis, symptom improvement and tackling the underlying causes.


Introduction - what's causing your gut symptoms? Irritable bowel syndrome - causes, symptoms and treatments; Bloating and diarrhoea - could you have coeliac disease or NCGS? Watery diarrhoea - could you have bile acid diarrhoea? Bloating and bacterial overgrowth; Food allergies and sensitivities; Could FODMAPs be causing your bloating and diarrhoea? Inflammatory bowel diseases; Gallstones, hiatus hernias and diverticula disease; Cancer; Drug side effects - drugs that can cause gastric side effects; Getting to the bottom of your symptoms - a gastroeneterologist's view; Medical terms explained


ISBN-13: 9781781610688
Publisher: Hammersmith Health Books
Publication date: October, 2016
Pages: None

Subcategories: Gastroenterology