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Core values of society, health and wellbeing impact today on all aspects of our lives, and have also increasingly influenced patters of tourism consumption and production. In this context wellness tourism has developed into a significant dimension of tourism in a number of new and long established destinations. But although it is consistently referred to as one of the most rapidly growing forms of tourism worldwide, there still remains a dearth of academic literature on this topic. This book uniquely focuses on the supply side of wellness tourism from a destination perspective in terms of the generation and delivery of wellness tourism products and services to cater for tourists who seek to maintain and improve their health. By doing so this provides a better understanding of the way in which wellness tourism destinations develop, explore the specific drivers of that growth in a destination context and how destinations successfully compete against each other in globalised market place .
Global in scope, the book explores a range of wellness destination development and management issues including the importance of authenticity, uniqueness, delivery of high quality goods and services, participation of a broad range of stakeholders and the development of networks and clusters as well as collaborative strategies essential for a successful development and management of a wellness tourism destination. Case studies and examples from established and new wellness tourism destinations are integrated throughout. This timely volume written by leaders in this sector will be of interest to tourism and hospitality students and academics internationally.


Part 1: Introduction 1. Wellness Tourism from a Destination Perspective: Why Now? 2. Towards a Conceptualisation of Wellness Tourism Destinations 3. Wellness Tourism and Destination Competitiveness Part 2: The Role of Stakeholders in Wellness Tourism Destinations 4. Wellness Tourism: The Factors and Processes that Drive its Sustainability 5. An Examination of the Extent of Collaboration Between Major Wellness Tourism Stakeholders in Australia 6. Identification and Development of Core Competencies as a Basis for Regional Development with Special Focus on Health Tourism 7. Fit for Purpose: Delivering Health Tourism Through People Part 3: Relationships Between Nature, Well - being and Destinations 8. Parklands, Health and Wellbeing 9. The Role of Parks as a Wellbeing Destination 10. Nature and Scope of Wellness Tourism in Western Australia: The Case of the Margaret River Region 11. The Kneipp Philosophy - A 'Healthy' Approach to Destination Development? Part 4: Drivers of Wellness Tourism Destination Development: International Experiences 12. Global Trends on Health Tourism 13. Fantasy, Authenticity and the Spa Tourism Experience 14. Wellness Tourism: An Perspective from Japan 15. Health Tourism in the Context of Demographic and Psychographic Change: A German Perspective 16. Changing Health Care Structure and Other Factors Driving the Development of Australian Wellness Tourism Part 5: The Future of Wellness Tourism Destinations 17. Prescribing a Research Agenda for the Business of Health Tourism 18. Conclusion


ISBN-13: 9781136162114
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: November, 2013
Pages: 240