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Veterinary Embryology
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A thorough appreciation of the cellular, molecular and tissue changes which precede the birth of an animal is a fundamental requirement for understanding normal structural development and also abnormal processes which result in congenital defects. This textbook provides information relevant to many subjects taught in preclinical, paraclinical and clinical years. Early chapters describe and explain sequential events relating to the division, growth and differentiation of cells and to the formation of foetal membranes, implantation and placentation. Succeeding chapters trace the origin, growth, development and maturation of the major body systems. Age determination of the embryo and foetus is reviewed in a single chapter. Genetic, chromosomal and environmental factors which adversely affect pre-natal development are reviewed in the final chapter. A reading list at the end of each chapter offers additional sources of information on the topics discussed. Tables, flow diagrams and numerous hand-drawn illustrations provide information in a form which complements the concepts presented in the text.
Key features:* Written by a team which includes members with expertise in developmental anatomy, molecular biology and clinical aspects of veterinary medicine.* The authors have extensive experience in the teaching of veterinary embryology and cognate subjects.* Illustrations, hand-drawn by a veterinary graduate, are used extensively to explain organogenesis and system development.* An explanatory glossary provides concise information on specialised terms used in the text.* The index is designed for easy retrieval of information.


Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Division, growth and differentiation of cells. 2 Gametogenesis. 3 Fertilisation. 4 Cleavage. 5 Gastrulation. 6 Aspects of cell signalling and gene functioning during development. 7 Establishment of the basic body plan. 8 Coelomic cavities. 9 Foetal membranes. 10 Forms of implantation and placentation. 11 Cardiovascular system. 12 Embryological and post-natal features of haematopoiesis. 13 Nervous system. 14 Muscular and skeletal systems. 15 Digestive system. 16 Respiratory system. 17 Urinary system. 18 Male and female reproductive systems. 19 Structures in the head and neck. 20 Endocrine system. 21 Eye and ear. 22 Integumentary system. 23 Age determination of the embryo and foetus. 24 Genetic, chromosomal and environmental factors which adversely affect pre-natal development. Glossary. Index.


ISBN-13: 9781118708170
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Blackwell Publishing Ltd)
Publication date: April, 2006
Pages: 392
Dimensions: 211.00 x 296.00 x 21.00

Subcategories: Reproductive Medicine, Veterinary Medicine