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Validity Testing in Child and Adolescent Assessment
Evaluating Exaggeration, Feigning, and Noncredible Effort
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Main description:

Thoroughly covering the "why" and "how" of validity testing with children and adolescents, this book is edited and written by leaders in the field. Feigning or noncredible effort during psychological and neuropsychological assessments can have considerable repercussions for diagnosis, treatment, and use of resources. Practical guidance is provided for detecting and managing noncredible responding, including vivid case material. The reasons that children may feign during testing are also explored. Along with information relevant to all assessment settings, the book features specific chapters on educational, medical, sport-related, forensic, and Social Security Disability contexts.


I. Introduction 1. A Rationale for Performance Validity Testing in Child and Adolescent Assessment, Michael W. Kirkwood 2. Terminology and Diagnostic Concepts, Elisabeth M. S. Sherman 3. Understanding Deception from a Developmental Perspective, Eric Peterson & Robin L. Peterson 4. Performance and Symptom Validity: A Perspective from the Adult Literature, Glenn J. Larrabee II. Detection Methods and Other Validity Test Usage Matters 5. Review of Pediatric Performance and Symptom Validity Tests, Michael W. Kirkwood 6. Clinical Strategies to Assess the Credibility of Presentations in Children, Dominic A. Carone 7. Motivations Behind Noncredible Presentations: Why Children Feign and How to Make This Determination, David A. Baker & Michael W. Kirkwood 8. Managing Noncredible Performance in Pediatric Clinical Assessment, Amy K. Connery &Yana Suchy 9. Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Validity Testing, William S. MacAllister & Marsha Vasserman III. Validity Testing across Evaluative Settings 10. Child and Adolescent Psychoeducational Evaluations, Allyson G. Harrison 11. Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychological Evaluations with Medical Populations, Brian L. Brooks 12. Pediatric Sports-Related Concussion Evaluations, Martin L. Rohling, Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, & Melissa M. Womble 13. Pediatric Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations, Jacobus Donders 14. Disability: Social Security Supplemental Security Income Exams for Children, Michael D. Chafetz


ISBN-13: 9781462521890
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Guilford Publications)
Publication date: August, 2015
Pages: 304

Subcategories: Psychology