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Using Art Media in Psychotherapy
Bringing the Power of Creativity to Practice
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Main description:

Using Art Media in Psychotherapy makes a thoughtful and contextual argument for using graphic art materials in psychotherapy, providing historical context for art materials and their uses and incorporating them with contemporary practices and theories. Written with an analytic focus, many of the psychological references nod to Jung and post-Jungian thought with keen attention to image and to symbolic function. This book jettisons the idea of reductionist, cookbook approaches and instead provides an integrated and contextual understanding of the origins of each art form as well as an insightful use for each in its application in mental health healing practices. Using Art Media in Psychotherapy gives clinicians and students alike the tools they need to offer psychologically minded and clinically astute choices that honor their clients.


List of Figures Preface Acknowledgments Author's Note 1. Introduction: The Use of Art Media in Therapy 2. Printmaking: Variations on a Theme 3. Drawing: Engaging the Image 4. Painting: Fluidity of the Creative Unconscious 5. Therapeutic Art Books: Sacred Texts 6. Therapeutic Journals: What's Lost Is Found 7. Mask Making: Self-Concept and its Illusive Nature 8. Spatial Relationships: Three-Dimensional Work 9. Shadows in the Box: Dioramas and Boxes 10. Conclusion References Appendix A: Vendors and Suppliers for Art Materials Appendix B: Recipes for Book Binding and Paste Papers Appendix C: Themes for Web Writing


ISBN-13: 9781317597780
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: January, 2016
Pages: 232

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Psychotherapy