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Upper Motor Neurone Syndrome and Spasticity
Clinical Management and Neurophysiology
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Main description:

Spasticity is a disabling problem for many adults and children with a variety of neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury. A practical guide for clinicians involved in the management of spasticity, this book covers all aspects of upper motor neurone syndrome from basic neurophysiology and measurement techniques to practical therapy and the use of orthoses. Surgical techniques are also covered, as well as the particular problems of management of spasticity in childhood. In the second edition of this key text, all chapters have been thoroughly updated, with additional coverage of new techniques and new drugs and therapies, whilst continuing the format that has made the first edition the core text in its field. This guide will be invaluable to physicians, physiotherapists, surgeons, orthotists, clinical engineers and health professionals.


Preface; 1. An overview of the clinical management of spasticity Michael P. Barnes; 2. Neurophysiology of spasticity Geoff Sheean; 3. The measurement of spasticity Garth R. Johnson and Anand D. Pandyan; 4. Physiotherapy management of spasticity Roslyn N. Boyd and Louise Ada 5. Seating and positioning Craig A. Kirkwood and Geoff I. Bardsley; 6. Orthoses, splints and casts Paul T. Charlton and Duncan W. N. Ferguson; 7. Pharmacological management of spasticity Anthony B. Ward and Sajida Javaid; 8. Chemical neurolysis in the management of muscle spasticity A. Magid and O. Bakheit; 9. Spasticity and botulinum toxin Michael P. Barnes and Elizabeth C. Davis; 10. Intrathecal baclofen for the control of spinal and supraspinal spasticity David N. Rushton; 11. Surgical management of spasticity Patrick Mertens and Marc Sindou; 12. Management of spasticity in children Rachael Hutchinson and H. Kerr Graham; Index.


ISBN-13: 9780511402388
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: April, 2008
Pages: 264
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 10.00