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Tunable Laser Applications, Third Edition
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Broadly tunable lasers continue to have a tremendous impact in many and diverse fields of science and technology. From a renaissance in laser spectroscopy to Bose-Einstein condensation, the one nexus is the tunable laser. Tunable Laser Applications describes the physics and architectures of widely applied tunable laser sources. Fully updated and expanded to address important advances in the science and technology, this Third Edition: * Contains new chapters on tunable laser microscopy and tunable laser atomic vapor laser isotope separation * Offers extended coverage of optical parametric oscillators and their application to atmospheric sensing, biomedicine, defense counter measures, microscopy, and spectroscopy * Discusses exciting new applications in astronomy, defense R&D, medicine, and more Featuring fresh contributions from internationally recognized experts-including 100+ new pages and extensive reference listings-Tunable Laser Applications, Third Edition provides a timely account of the most promising tunable laser applications to date.


Introduction F. J. Duarte Spectroscopic Applications of Tunable Optical Parametric Oscillators Brian J. Orr, John G. Haub, Yabai He, and Richard T. White Solid-State Organic Dye Lasers Angel Costela, I. Garcia-Moreno, and R. Sastre Organic Dye-Doped Polymer-Nanoparticle Tunable Lasers F. J. Duarte and R. O. James Broadly Tunable External-Cavity Semiconductor Lasers F. J. Duarte Tunable Fiber Lasers T. M. Shay and F. J. Duarte Fiber Laser Overview and Medical Applications S. Popov Medical Applications of Organic Dye Lasers A. Costela, I. Garcia-Moreno, and C. Gomez Tunable Laser Microscopy F. J. Duarte Interferometric Imaging F. J. Duarte Tunable Laser Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation F. J. Duarte Coherent Electrically Excited Organic Semiconductors F. J. Duarte Multiple-Prism Arrays and Multiple-Prism Beam Expanders: Laser Optics and Scientific Applications F. J. Duarte Optical Quantities and Conversions of Units F. J. Duarte


ISBN-13: 9781482261073
Publisher: Elsevier (Apple Academic Press Inc.)
Publication date: January, 2016
Pages: 454

Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, General Issues