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Tracheotomy Management
A Multidisciplinary Approach
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Patients with tracheotomies are managed by a wide variety of healthcare professionals. As a result, information regarding best practice is scattered throughout the medical literature and can be difficult to identify and implement in the clinical setting. Tracheotomy Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach is a practical review of all tracheotomy procedures and acute and chronic tracheotomy care. It combines evidence-based practice and expert opinion to create an invaluable hands-on guide for any healthcare provider managing patients with tracheotomies. Each chapter is authored by at least two different subspecialists, contains case studies with real-life examples of problematic clinical scenarios, and is enhanced by high quality images. The rationale for different approaches is discussed to guide the decision-making process. Written and edited by tracheotomy experts from a wide variety of disciplines, Tracheotomy Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach is essential reading for anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and critical care and emergency physicians.


Preface; List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction: the history of tracheotomy Zahra Karparvar and David Goldenberg; 1. Anatomy of the anterior and lateral neck Elliot Regenbogen; 2. Elective surgical tracheotomy in the adult Yvonne Tsui, Michael Ondik and David Goldenberg; 3. Percutaneous tracheotomy Garret Choby, Dmitri Bezinover and David Goldenberg; 4. Emergency surgical airways Leonard Pott and Scott Goldstein; 5. Congenital, embryological, and anatomic variations, and their association with pediatric tracheotomy Eliot Regenbogen; 6. Pediatric tracheotomy Robert Yellon, Raymond Maguire and Jay B. Tuchman; 7. Laryngotracheal reconstruction: surgical management of pediatric airway stenosis Diego Preciado, Sophie R. Pestieau and Ira Todd Cohen; 8. Timing of tracheotomy for intubated patients Alison Wilson, Elias B. Rizk, Kimberly E. Fenton, Thomas K. Lee and Elizabeth H. Sinz; 9. Intensive care unit tracheotomy care Shaji Poovathoor, Eric Posner, James Vosswinkel and Peggy A. Seidman; 10. Complications of tracheotomy Steve L. Orebaugh; 11. Airway manipulation with tracheotomy Daryn H. Moller, Slawomir P. Oleszak and Ghassan J. Samara; 12. Tracheotomy equipment Dana Stauffer, John Stene and Joanne Stene; 13. Care of the patient with a tracheotomy Margaret Wojnar and Jonathan D. McGinn; 14. Tracheal education for home care Jodie E. Landis, Michael K. Hurst and Brian W. Grose; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781139153515
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: October, 2011
Pages: 214
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 11.00