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Surviving the Predators Among us
Recognizing the Psychopath
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Main description:

Have you ever looked for something that didn’t want to be found?
Chances are that in your lifetime you will encounter a human predator – a psychopath; and on more than one occasion. There are people who walk among us who’s deeds are obvious to be driven by evil intent, the dark souls of society; those who are operating without a conscience.
The only means of escaping these predators unscathed is to be able to recognize them for who and what they are. To become armed with the knowledge of what these human predators look like through the qualities and behavior that they exhibit.
They are secretive and their agendas are fantasized about in secret. Let’s take a closer look inside their darkness and uncover what these human predators don’t want you to know.

About the Author –
Junie has been a Registered Nurse for 35 years, a psychiatric nurse for 16 years and has specifically studied psychopathology for 7 years. Junie has written two books on the topic of psychopathology, which have been used in sociology classes at the academia setting. She is also a counselor and Life Coach. Visit Junie and ask questions at www.dearjunie.com

Keywords – Psychopath, Psychopathology, Victim, Healing, Predator, Mental Illness, Serial Killer, Abuse, Evil, Psychological


ISBN-13: 9781622872237
Publisher: Ingrams (First Edition Design Publishing)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: None

Subcategories: Psychology