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Supervision in Clinical Practice
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Since the publication of the first edition of this book supervision has become of even greater significance in health, education and social care settings, with continuing pace in the trend towards mandatory registration, managed care and clinical governance. This fully updated and expanded edition includes new chapters on issues of diversity and the managerial role of the supervisor in context. Packed with practical examples in the key areas of personal and professional development, Joyce Scaife and her contributors draw on three decades of clinical experience to explore frequently encountered dilemmas including: how supervisors facilitate learning; the ethical bases of supervision; creating and maintaining a good working alliance; how supervisors can balance management and supervision roles; and, working equitably in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic world. "Supervision in Clinical Practice" offers a range of suggestions for providing supervision that are stimulating, creative and fun, using methods that ensure safe and open practice.
It is an indispensable text for supervisors and supervisees who practice clinically in a range of professions, including applied psychology, counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatry, nursing, and social work.


Introduction. J. M. Scaife, J. A. Scaife, Supervision and Learning. J. M. Scaife, Walsh, Personal Development and the Emotional Climate of Work. The Contracting Process and the Supervisory Relationship: Averting Pitfalls and Problems. Frameworks for Supervision. Proctor, Inskipp, Group Supervision. Ethical Dilemmas and Issues in Supervision. Supervision and Diversity. The Interface of Supervision and Management Roles. Use of Recordings and Other Technologies in Supervision. Live Supervision and Observation. Creative Approaches. The Influence of Different Models of Therapeutic Intervention on the Supervisory Process. Challenge and the Assessment Role. Outcome Studies of Supervision. Appendix 1: Self-assessment Schedule for Supervisees. Appendix 2: Examples of Rating Scales of Supervision. Appendix 3: Learning Objectives to be Addressed by Introductory Supervisor Training Programmes.


ISBN-13: 9781317834298
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: August, 2008
Pages: 424
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 28.00