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Main description:

This essential handbook helps midwifery students to make the most from their time studying. It clearly explains the core learning skills you will need right from the start of the course, such as academic writing, placement learning and understanding theoretical concepts. It also introduces more advanced skills, such as reflection, research, evidence-based practice, writing a dissertation and complex decision making. It shows why these important skills are essential for you both to succeed at university and when you are a registered midwife.
Key features

- An accessible student-friendly guide specifically written for midwifery students
- Three midwifery students are followed throughout the book to show real issues that you may face during your studies
- Activities throughout help you test and develop your own learning skills
- Each chapter is linked to relevant NMC and QAA standards, so that you can see what you are expected to know in order to pass your programme.

Series Editor

The Transforming Midwifery Practice series editor is Judith Jackson, Canterbury College.


Introduction PART ONEBeginning your Midwifery EducationUnderstanding and Using Concepts and Principles: Values and MidwiferyRelating Theory to Practice Writing Academically: Evaluation, Developing Arguments, Avoiding PitfallsPART TWODeveloping Critical Analysis and Understanding Applying University Learning on your Practice PlacementsDeveloping as a Reflective Learner and Practitioner Understanding and Using ResearchPART THREEBecoming a Research-informed StudentBecoming an Independent and Autonomous Learner Bringing Your Learning Together: The DissertationDealing with Complexity: Using Knowledge in PracticeConclusion


ISBN-13: 9781446296325
Publisher: Learning Matters Ltd
Publication date: November, 2013
Pages: 176

Subcategories: Midwifery