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Social Work and Social Justice
Concepts, Challenges, and Strategies
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Main description:

Social Work and Social Justice emphasizes the importance of social justice work, vividly illustrates the complexity of this work, and discusses how social workers can negotiate the practical and ethical challenges involved. Unlike many books on the subject, it integrates a diverse array of approaches to social justice, thereby promoting critical thinking and underscoring the value of utilizing various perspectives in one's practice. Distinguishing features of this book include:
emphasis on the complementary nature of socially just goals and processes; well-developed case examples; multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and international perspectives; a clear exposition of principles and skills of socially just practice; and the use of diverse cultural materials from different
media to illustrate the concepts presented. This text is largely based on the authors' extensive teaching and practice experience in a wide variety of fields — both in the U.S. and internationally — and on their research on such varied topics as welfare reform, mental health, social work practice theory, social work values and ethics, and the history and philosophy of social welfare and social work. Social Work and Social Justice is an essential resource for undergraduate and graduate
students/faculty, as well as social work/human services practictioners.


ISBN-13: 9780199893027
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP USA)
Publication date: April, 2016
Pages: 480

Subcategories: Nursing, Public Health