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Social Determinants of Health in India
Concepts, Processes, and Indicators
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Main description:

Drawing from the work of academics and practitioners from ten states across the country, this edited volume showcases and synthesises the diversity and richness of efforts to understand and act on the social determinants of health in India, the conditions in which we are born, grow, live work and age. Such an effort is salient in the current era of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which have foregrounded the issue of equity and the need for a comprehensive, multi-sectoral agenda for health and development. In India, particularly in the last decade, there have been myriad efforts to more critically theorise and intervene in areas with bearing on health, like conflict, nutrition or urbanisation, or to address the concerns of vulnerable groups like women, children and the elderly. From these efforts emerge lessons of convergence for academic and policymaking institutions in India who are looking to operationalise and bring life to the SDG agenda in India and other Low and Middle Income Country settings. The book comprises eleven chapters and six short commentaries that appear in conversation with each other, as well as an annexure of validated, ready-to-use indicators for monitoring of social determinants of health.


1. Palimpsests of `Social Determinants of Health' - From Historical Conceptions to Contemporary Practice in Global and Indian Public Health Devaki Nambiar. Part I CONCEPTUALISATION. -2. Bringing the `Social' Back in: Social Determinants of Health as a Methodological Lens Arima Mishra. -3. Conflict as a Social Determinant of Health: Explorations from Manipur Veda Yumnam & Rajib Dasgupta. -4. Deconstructing the Urban Transition: Conceptualisation, Measurement and Mechanisms Nandita Bhan. -5. Missing the Forest for the Trees - the significance of the distal Social Determinants of Health in India Indira Chakravarthi. Part II OPERATIONALISATION. -6. Shram Jeevani: Special Task Force Report on Women Labour in Informal Economy in Bihar Sushmita Goswami. -7. Who's in Charge of Social Determinants of Health? Understanding the Office of the Municipal Health Officer in Urban Areas .- 8. Scaling up a community-based approach to Social Determinants of Health: Reflections on the SEWA experience Sapna Desai. Part III OVERSIGHT. -9. Promoting Inter-sectoral Action on Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management: Arriving at a Framework and Indicators to Inform Policy and Programmes Arundati Muralidharan. -10. Chhattisgarh Swasth Panchayat Yojana: Convergent Decision Making for Health and its Determinants in Rural India Samir Garg. -11. Community Monitoring and Action in Maharashtra is Making Child Nutrition Services Accountable and Effective Shweta Marathe & Abhay Shukla. -12. Social Determinants of Maternal Health: Dead Women Talking Renu Khanna & Subhashri B. -13. Weaving it together: Concepts, methods and indicators Devaki Nambiar and Arundati Muralidharan. Annexures: Indicator Registry.


ISBN-13: 9789811059995
Publisher: Springer (Springer Verlag, Singapore)
Publication date: October, 2017
Pages: None

Subcategories: General Issues, Public Health