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Skills Performance Checklists for Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques - E-Book
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Master the latest clinical skills and techniques you need to succeed as a nurse with Skills Performance Checklists for Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques, 9th Edition! Over 200 perforated, step-by-step checklists cover every skill and procedural guideline from Perry, Potter and Ostendorf's main text. It's the must-have lab tool to help you build and easily assess your clinical skills proficiency


Unit I: Supporting the Patient Through the Health Care System 1 Using Evidence in Practice 2 Admitting, Transfer, and Discharge 3 Communication and Collaboration 4 Documentation and Informatics

Unit II: Vital Signs and Physical Assessment 5 Vital Signs 6 Health Assessment

Unit III: Special Procedures 7 Specimen Collection 8 Diagnostic Procedures

Unit IV: Infection Control 9 Medical Asepsis 10 Sterile Technique

Unit V: Activity and Mobility 11 Safe Patient Handling, Transfer and Positioning 12 Exercise and Mobility 13 Support Surfaces and Special Beds

Unit VI: Safety and Comfort 14 Patient Safety 15 Disaster Preparedness 16 Pain Management 17 Palliative Care

Unit VII: Hygiene 18 Personal Hygiene and Bed Making  19 Care of the Eye and Ear

Unit VIII: Medications 20 Safe Medicine Preparation 21 Administration of Nonparenteral Medications 22 Administration of Parenteral Medications

Unit IX: Oxygenation 23 Oxygen Therapy 24 Performing Chest Physiotherapy 25 Airway Management 26 Cardiac Care NEW! 27 Closed Chest Drainage Systems 28 Emergency Measures for Life Support

Unit X: Fluid Balance 29 Intravenous and Vascular Access Therapy 30 Blood Therapy

Unit XI: Nutrition 31 Oral Nutrition 32 Enteral Nutrition 33 Parenteral Nutrition

Unit XII: Elimination 34 Urinary Elimination 35 Bowel Elimination and Gastric Intubation 36 Ostomy Care

Unit XIII: Care of the Surgical Patient 37 Preoperative and Postoperative Care 38 Intraoperative Care

Unit XIV: Dressings and Wound Care 39 Pressure Injury Prevention and Care Wound Care and Irrigations 40 Dressings, Bandages, and Binders 41 Warm and Cold Therapy

Unit XV: Home Care 42 Home Care Safety 43 Home Care Teaching


ISBN-13: 9780323482370
Publisher: Elsevier (Mosby)
Publication date: May, 2017
Pages: 544

Subcategories: Nursing