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Skills-based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder
The New Maudsley Method
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Main description:

"Skills-based Learning in Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder" equips carers with the skills and knowledge needed to support and encourage those suffering from an eating disorder, and to help them to break free from the traps that prevent recovery. Through a co-ordinated approach, this book offers information alongside detailed techniques and strategies which aim to improve professionals and home carers ability to build continuity and consistency of support for their loved ones. The authors use evidence based research and personal experience as well as practical support skills, to advise the reader on a number of difficult areas in caring for someone with an eating disorder, these include: Working towards positive change through good communications skills; Developing problem solving skills; Building resilience; and Managing difficult behaviour. This book is essential reading for both professionals and families involved in the care and support of anyone with an eating disorder. It will enable the reader to use the skills, information and insight gained to help change eating disorder symptoms.


Preface. Shifting Responsibility - The Lived Experience of an Eating Disorder. Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder - First Steps. Working with a Joint Understanding of the Illness - Basic Facts about Eating Disorders. Which Kind of Carer are You? Stress, Strain and Developing Resilience. Consequences - Understanding Medical Risk. Understanding Change. Communication. Interpersonal Relationships. Modelling Emotional Intelligence and Problem-solving Skills. Managing Undereating. How to Help with Bingeing and Overeating. Managing Difficult Behaviours. Reflection, Review - and Relaxation.


ISBN-13: 9780203945896
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2007
Pages: 248
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 18.00