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Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology
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'Covering key issues in the development of counselling psychology, this text is ideal for psychologists considering entering counselling psychology training or those who have already started on this path' - Stephen Palmer, Professor of Psychology, City University. 'This book provides a thorough yet accessible introduction to counselling psychology. Written in a highly engaging manner, this timely publication will undoubtedly provide an invaluable resource to all that read it' - Ewan Gillon, Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University. "A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology" brings together a wide range of information on the theory and practice of counselling psychology, written through the lens of direct practitioner experience and incorporating a global perspective. The authors offer views on cutting-edge issues in counselling psychology, discussing: the social and historical context; philosophical considerations; the professional knowledge base; training requirements and paths, careers and practice; and the tasks, challenges and debates that practitioners deal with in different settings.
This accessible introduction is of special interest to students considering a career in counselling psychology, and to professionals involved in the training and supervision of counselling psychologists. As both an up-to-date review of professional developments in relation to the field of counselling psychology and also more broadly, senior practitioners should welcome this resource as a reference covering all aspects of the present professional setting.


Social and Historical Context of Counselling Psychology Counselling Psychology in the Family of Applied Psychologies The Professional Knowledge Base of Counselling Psychology Professional Training in Counselling Psychology Careers and Practice in Counselling Psychology Professional Developments in Counselling Psychology Debates and Challenges for Counselling Psychologists


ISBN-13: 9781446241110
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Ltd)
Publication date: December, 2008
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 138.00 x 216.00 x 10.00

Subcategories: Psychotherapy