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Science and the Media
Delgado's Brave Bulls and the Ethics of Scientific Disclosure
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Main description:

Of great utility for every scientist faced with publicizing their discoveries via the media, this book addresses questions of responsibility for the balance and accuracy of scientific reporting, and attempts to be a guide for the scientist in their quest to inform the general public about their research in honest, truthful, and still interesting ways. Case studies by leading scholars in the fields of bioethics (pharmaceutical research (Declan Doogan, Senior VP Pfizer), medical journal editing (Jerome Kassirer, former editor of NEJM), science journalism, philosophy of science, history of medicine (John Warner, chair history of medicine Yale), public health (Ruth Katz, Dean public health, George Washington University), and philosophy of religion (Reverend Wesley Carr, former Dean of Westminster) illustrate positions and points of view and offer unique perspectives on the complex dance between science and the media.

* Provides a compelling overview and analysis of the difficulties of dealing with mass media and collects tips and solutions.
* Includes case studies from the experience of a number of high profile contributors from different fields
* Provides an easy to read, carefully selected and synthesized overview well suited to teaching and as further reading source in respective classes
* Includes a famous movie from Jose Delgado that shows his attempts in the 60s to demonstrate "remote control" of a bull


ISBN-13: 9780080920290
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press)
Publication date: July, 2010
Pages: 272

Subcategories: General Issues