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School-Based Play Therapy
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The fully updated and revised Second Edition presents an A-to-Z guide for using play therapy in preschool and elementary school settings. This comprehensive reference covers why and how to implement a play therapy program in school settings; play-based prevention programs; individual play therapy approaches as well as group play; and play therapy with special populations. Co-edited by proven authors and acknowledged experts in the field, School-Based Play Therapy offers school counselors, psychologists, social workers, and teachers the latest techniques to develop their own creative approaches to utilizing the therapeutic powers of play.


Preface. Contributors . Part I Play Therapy: Its Therapeutic Power and Research Effects. 1 The Therapeutic Powers of Play and Play Therapy ( Charles E. Schaefer and Athena A. Drewes ). 2 Meeting the Early Mental Health Needs of Children Through School-Based Play Therapy: A Review of Outcome Research ( Sue C. Bratton ). Part II Implementing Play Therapy in the Schools. 3 Guidelines for Incorporating Play Therapy in the Schools ( Kristi Perryman and Judy Doran ). 4 Challenges and Barriers to Implementing Play Therapy in Schools ( Dee Ray ). Part III Play-Based Assessments. 5 Using Play Therapy Assessment in an Elementary and Intermediate School Setting ( Mary May Schmidt ). 6 Transdisciplinary Play-based Assessment and Intervention in the Primary Years ( Toni Linder and Brittney Bixby ). Part IV Play-Based Prevention Programs with Paraprofessionals and Teachers. 7 Helping Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers Foster Play in the Classroom ( Karen Stagnitti ). 8 Primary Project: An Evidenced Based Approach ( Mary Anne Peabody, Deborah Johnson, and A. Dirk Hightower ). 9 Child Teacher Relationship Training: Using the Power of the Child-Teacher Relationship as a School-Based Mental Health Intervention ( Mary Morrison and Wendy Pretz Helker ). 10 Treating Disruptive Classroom Behaviors of Preschoolers Through Teacher-Child Interaction Therapy ( David McIntosh ). Part V Individual and Group Play Therapy Approaches. 11 LEGO(r)-Based Play Therapy for Autistic Spectrum Children ( Daniel LeGoff, G.W. Krauss, and Sarah Allen Levin ). 12 Trauma-Focused Group Play Therapy in the Schools ( Yih-Jiun Shen ). 13 Group Sandplay in Elementary Schools ( Theresa Kestly ). 14 Play Therapy for Anger Management in the Schools ( Barbara Fischetti ). 15 Group Play Interventions for Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ( Linda Reddy ). Part VI Special Populations and Special Issues. 16 Play Therapy for Children of Alcoholics ( Laura Jacobus-Kantor and James G. Emshoff ). 17 Understanding and Generalizing Communication Patterns in Children with Selective Mutism ( Laurie Zelinger ). 18 Play, Create, Express, Understand: Bereavement Groups in Schools ( Ruthellen Griffin ). 19 Redrawing the Front Line: A Play Therapy Service for Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Children and Families in School ( Geraldine Thomas ). 20 The Nana's Model: School-Based Play Therapy with Children who are Homeless or Severely Impoverished ( Ana Sutton ). 21 Better Playtimes: A School-Based Therapeutic Play Intervention for Staff and Children (Alison Woolf). Author Index. Subject Index.


ISBN-13: 9780470555316
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Publication date: February, 2010
Pages: 528
Dimensions: 166.00 x 245.00 x 41.00

Subcategories: Psychology