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Routledge International Handbook of Sandplay Therapy
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Main description:

The Routledge International Handbook of Sandplay Therapy provides a comprehensive overview of this therapeutic method, developed to provide a means of helping clients of all ages with mental suffering. The contributors, from a range of therapeutic and cultural backgrounds, demonstrate core theory and practice, and explore the implications of current neuroscientific research. The chapters illustrate the effectiveness of this seemingly simple psychotherapeutic tool in its contemporary applications. Split into six parts, this handbook considers: * Sandplay therapy in medicine * Sandplay with special populations * Sandplay in analysis and general practice * Adaptions of the Sandplay method in education * Sandplay and the spirit * Non-Jungian uses of the sand tray in therapeutic applications Unique in scope and breadth, this handbook will appeal to academics and students of Jungian psychotherapy, as well as occupational therapists, art and play therapists, and all clinicians using Sandplay therapy as part of their professional practice.


1. Introduction: What is Sandplay Therapy? Barbara A. Turner Part 1: Sandplay Therapy in Medicine 2. Facing Death: Sandplay at the Threshold Lara Lagutina 3. Sandplay: A Group Therapy Adaptation with In-Patient Eating Disorder Patients Thomas Brecht Part 2: Sandplay with Special Populations 4. Sandplay Therapy in Nepal: Case Studies of Underprivileged Children Chhori Laxmi Maharjan 5. Cultural Crisis: Complex Collective Trauma and Sandplay Therapy in the Bedouin Population of Israel Bert Meltzer, Rokaya Marzouk Abu Rokayak, and Yousef Alassad 6. Sandplay with Young People with Intellectual Disability Lucinda Mora Part 3: Sandplay in Analysis and General Practice 7. Sandplay Therapy with Children Experiencing Somatic Symptoms Helen Sholdice 8. Sandplay: The Language of two Boys' Work to Mend Their Early Attachment Wounds Jamie L.F. Straessler 9. Growing Up with Andrew: A Young Boy's Discovery of Self in Sandplay Jorge de la O 10. Dissipating Anger and Defiance: The Intrapsychic Process of Differentiation Rose M. Harriet 11. The Development of Sandplay Therapy Treatment for Prolonged and Complex Trauma Related to War and Terrorism in the Middle East Bert Meltzer and Rina Porat 12. Healing Trauma Through Sandplay Therapy: A Neuropsychological Perspective Lorraine Razzi Freedle 13. Rikki's Awakening: A Journey of Discovery of Transgender Dee Ballantyne 14. Attuning to the Flow of Relational Energies in Sandplay: Healing Complex Trauma in Adults Part 4: Adaptations of the Sandplay Method in Education 15. Sand Tray Play and Storytelling: A Catalyst for Imaginative Thinking in Children's 16. Educational and Emotional Development Kristin Unnsteinsdottir 17. Developing Language Skills and Emotional Intelligence in the Elementary School Through Sand Tray Stories Sheila Dorothy Smith 18. Clinical Supervision Using Sand Tray Therapy Methods Linda E. Homeyer Part 5: Sandplay and the Spirit 19. Return to the Spirit in Sandplay Eunice Stagg 20. The Presence of the Sandplay Therapist as a Fundamental Component of Understanding Psychic Transformation in Sandplay Daniela Marinescu Part 6: Non-Jungian Uses of the Sand Tray in Therapeutic Applications 21. Humanistic Sand Tray Therapy Stephen A. Armstrong, Ryan D. Foster and Tim Brown 22. The Secret Garden: Use of the Sand Tray and Figurines From an Interpersonal Neurobiological Framework Theresa Kestly 23. Sand Tray Therapy: A Variety of Approaches Linda E. Homeyer and Daniel S. Sweeney 24. Conclusion: Barbara Turner. Index


ISBN-13: 9781317325970
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: January, 2017
Pages: 340

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Psychotherapy