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Routledge International Handbook of Critical Mental Health
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Main description:

The Routledge International Handbook of Critical Mental Health offers the most comprehensive collection of theoretical and applied writings to date with which students, scholars, researchers, and practitioners within the social and health sciences can systematically problematise the practices, priorities, and knowledge base of the western system of mental health. With the continuing contested nature of psychiatric discourse and the work of psy-professionals, this book is a timely return to theorising the business of mental health as a social, economic, political, and cultural project; one which necessarily involves the consideration of wider societal and structural dynamics including labelling and deviance, ideological and social control, professional power, consumption, capital, neoliberalism, and self-governance.

Featuring original essays from some of the most established international scholars in the area, the Handbook discusses and provides updates on critical theories of mental health from labelling, social constructionism, antipsychiatry, Foucauldian, and Marxist approaches, to critical feminist, race and queer theory, critical realism, critical cultural theory, and mad studies. Over five substantive sections, the collection additionally demonstrates the application of such theoretical ideas and scholarship to key topics including medicalisation and pharmaceuticalisation, the DSM, global psychiatry, critical histories of mental health, and talk therapy.

Bringing together the latest theoretical work and empirical case studies from the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada, the Routledge International Handbook of Critical Mental Health demonstrates the continuing need to think critically about mental health and illness, and will be an essential resource for all who study or work in the field.


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Introduction: The Importance of Critical Approaches to Mental Health and Illness (Bruce M. Z. Cohen)
Part I
Theoretical Perspectives
1. Labelling Theory (Stefan Sjostrom)
2. The Social Construction of Mental Illness (Kevin White)
3. "Mental Health" Praxis-Not the Answer: A Constructive Antipsychiatry Position (Bonnie Burstow)
4. Foucauldian Theory (Simone Fullagar)
5. Marxist Theory (Bruce M. Z. Cohen)
6. Critical Cultural Theory (Sami Timimi)
7. Critical Realism and Mental Health Research (David Pilgrim)
8. A Critical Feminist Analysis of Madness: Pathologising Femininity through Psychiatric Discourse (Jane M. Ussher)
9. Critical Race Theory and Mental Health (Roy Moodley, Falak Mujtaba and Sela Kleiman)
10. Trapped in Change: Using Queer Theory to Examine the Progress of Psy-Theories and Interventions with Sexuality and Gender (Shaindl Diamond)
11. Reflections on Critical Psychiatry (Pat Bracken and Phil Thomas)
12. Mad Studies (Rachel Gorman and Brenda A. LeFrancois)
Part II
Critical Histories of Psychiatry
13. Madness: A Critical History of "Mental Healthcare" in the United States (Tomi Gomory and Daniel J. Dunleavy)
14. Medieval Mysticism to Schizoaffective Disorder: The Repositioning of Subjectivity in the Discourse of Psychiatry (Alison Torn)
15. The Myth of the Irish Insanity Epidemic (Damien Brennan)
16. Autism Looping (Gil Eyal)
Part III
Medicalisation and Pharmaceuticalisation
17. The Changing Drivers of Medicalisation (Meredith R. Bergey)
18. Female Sexual Dysfunction: Medicalising Desire (Annemarie Jutel and Barbara Mintzes)
19. Biomedicine, Neoliberalism and the Pharmaceuticalisation of Society (Emma Tseris)
Part IV
The Politics of Diagnosis
20. The DSM and the Spectre of Ignorance: Psychiatric Classification as a Tool of Professional Power (Owen Whooley)
21. The Attributes of Mad Science (David Cohen, Tomi Gomory and Stuart A. Kirk)
22. Racialisation of the Schizophrenia Diagnosis (Suman Fernando)
Part V
Colonial and Global Psychiatry
23. The Mad are like Savages and the Savages are Mad: Psychopolitics and the Coloniality of the Psy (China Mills)
24. Therapeutic Imperialism in Disaster and Conflict Affected Countries (Janaka Jayawickrama and Jo Rose)
25. Problematising Global Mental Health (Clement Bayetti and Sumeet Jain)
Part VI
Critical Approaches to Therapy
26. A Sociology of and in Psychotherapy: The Seventh Sin (Peter Morrall)
27. Marxist Theory and Psychotherapy (Ian Parker)
28. A Feminist Critique of Trauma Therapy (Emma Tseris)
29. A Journey into the Dangers of Orthodoxy from the Former Director of the Freud Archives (Jeffrey M. Masson)


ISBN-13: 9781315399577
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: October, 2017
Pages: 336

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Public Health