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Main description:

The Routledge Handbook of Nursing History brings together leading scholars and scholarship to capture the state of the art and science of nursing history. A generation of scholars are turning to the history of nursing with new paradigms and methodological tools, adding oral history evidence and textual and artifact analysis to traditional documentary sources. Some have moved beyond a traditional nation-state analysis to use nurses to historically track the global flow of ideas and practices. Other have turned to new actors in the history of nursing and have used such men and women to chart different forms of activism. Still others use nurses and nursing as a concept of analysis and, in doing so, tell a more nuanced and gendered history of hospitals and health care. And some are focusing on the intersectionality of race, class, gender and place on professional identity formation.
Inviting readers to consider new understandings of the historical work and worth of nursing in a larger global context, this groundbreaking volume illuminates how research in the history of nursing moves us away from reductionistic foci on diseases and treatments and towards more inclusive ideas about the experiences of illnesses on individuals, families, communities, voluntary organizations, and states at the bedside and across the globe. An extended introduction by the editors provides an overview and analyzes the key themes involved in the transmission of ideas about the care of the sick. Organized into four parts covering the themes of people, practice, politics and places, each part is introduced by an analytic essay bringing all the content and themes of the various chapters together. This cutting edge volume brings together the best of nursing history scholarship. It is a vital reference for all researchers in the field, and is also relevant to those studying on nursing history and health policy courses.


Section 1: Making Visible the Invisible 1. Social Network Analysis: Useful Methodological Innovation or an Unnecessary Distraction / Margo Brooks 2. Unbinding Feet and Binding Wounds: Unraveling Perspectives on Chinese Nursing at a Canadian Mission Hospital / Sonya Grypma and Na Wu 3. Nurses and Nursing in Literary and Cultural Studies / Thomas Long 4. Collective Memory / Mary Lagerway 5. African Oral History Project / Barbra Mann Wall Section 2: Global Challenges to Orthodoxy 6. Protestant Nursing Care in 19th Century Germany / Karen Nolte 7. Military Nursing in the Crimean War / Carol Helmstadter 8. Nursing Education and the Nightingale Legend / Judith Godden 9. Struggles for Professional Territory in 19th Century Nursing / Sue Hawkins 10. Caring and Devastation in Nazi-Germany / Thomas Foth Section 3: Nurses and Nation 11.Hadassah Nursing Project in Israel / Nira Bartol 12. Public Health and the State in 1940s-1950s Argentina / Johnathan Hagood 13. The Indian State and the Dissappearing Nurse, 1947-2006 / Madeline Healy 14. Clinical Specialization in Mainland China, 1949-2008 / Li Jing 15. The Metropolitan Demonstrator School (Canada) 1947-1952 / Steven Palmer 16. PUMC Alumni and Wartime Nursing Education in Nationalist China, 1941-1946 / Dewen Zhang 17. From Diploma to Baccalaureate: Affiliation of Hunter College Bellevue Schools of Nursing / Sandra Lewenson Section 4: Crossing Borders/Transnational Exchanges 18. American nurses abroad in the Philippines / Winifred Connerton 19. Transnational TB Prevention / Cynthia Connolly 20. Nursing in 20th Century Senegal / Johnathan Cole 21. Missionary nurses' role in the Development of Nursing in South Africa / Helen Sweet 22. Black and Minority Nurses in the UK 1948-2000 / Stephanie Snow and Emma Jones 23. Rockefeller Foundation and Chilean Nursing post WWII / Jeannine Uribe 24. Nursing and Shifts in the Ethics of Service in the New Hebrides / Alexandra Widmer Section 5: Politics and Practice 25. History and Historiography / Gerard Fealy, et al 26. Post WWII Mental Health Nursing in Canada / Gertje Boschma 27. Older Adult Nursing in England 1955-1980 / Jane Brooks 28. Conflicting Christian and Scientific Nursing Concepts (Post WWII West Germany) / Susanne Kreutzer 29. Implementation of the Swan-Ganz Catheter / Kathleen Burke 30. The Rural Doctor's Wife, 1936-1979 / Constance Putnam Section 6: War and Disaster 31. Nursing in War and Disasters / Kara Vuic 32. WWI Emeline Robinson / Cynthia Toman 33. WWI and the Development of Nursing Practices / Christine Hallett 34. Philadelphia and the 1918-1919 Flu Pandemic / Arlene Keeling 35. Representing AU Military Nursing During WWII / Anghard Fletcher 36. Commemorations of Nurse Casualties / Diane Dodd


ISBN-13: 9781135049751
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2013
Pages: 464