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Right to Health
A Multi-Country Study of Law, Policy and Practice
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Main description:

This interdisciplinary study engages with the fields of human rights law, health law, and public health. It analyses how the internationally guaranteed human `right to health' is realized by States at a national level. It brings together scholars from more than ten different countries, with each of them analyzing the right to health in their country or region. They all focus on a particular theme that is important in their country, such as health inequalities, the Millennium Development Goals, or the privatization of healthcare. This book is relevant for scholars, practitioners and policy makers in the field of human rights law, health law, public health and the intersection between these three fields.


Health and Millennium Development Goals in Africa: Deconstructing the Thorny Path to Success.- Ensuring the Realization of the Right to Health through the African Union (AU) System: A Review of its Normative, Policy and Institutional Frameworks.- Equality and the Right to Health: A Preliminary Assessment of China.- The Right to Health in Japan: its implications and challenges.- Codification and implementation of the Right to Health in the Arab World.- The right to health and access to health care in Saudi Arabia with a particular focus on the women and migrants.- The Realization of the Right to Health for Refugees in Jordan.- The Right to Health: the Next American Dream.- The Brazilian Human Rights Indicators System: The Case of the Right to Health.- Aboriginal-specific Health Initiatives and Accessible Health Care in Canada; are goodwill initiatives enough.- The Right to Health in Peru: persistent vulnerabilities in the context of HIV/AIDS.- The Right to Health for Vulnerable and Marginalised Groups: Russia as a Case Study.- The Challenges to Realising the Right to Health in Ireland.- Dutch Realities: Evaluating Dutch Health Care Reform from a Human Rights Perspective.


ISBN-13: 9789462650145
Publisher: T.M.C. Asser Press
Publication date: September, 2014
Pages: 461

Subcategories: Public Health