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Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention
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Main description:

Exposure to potentially traumatic events puts individuals at risk for developing a variety of psychological disorders; the complexities involved in treating them are numerous and have serious repercussions. How should diagnostic criteria be defined? How can we help a client who does not present with traditional PTSD symptoms? The mechanisms of human behavior need to be understood and treatment needs to be tested before we can move beyond traditional diagnostic criteria in designing and implementing treatment. No better guide than Retraumatization exists to fulfill these goals. The editors and contributors, all highly regarded experts, accomplish six objectives, to: define retraumatization outline the controversies related to it provide an overview of theoretical models present data related to the frequency of occurrence of different forms of trauma detail the most reliable strategies for assessment to provide an overview of treatments. Contained within is the most current information on prevention and treatment approaches for specific populations.
All chapters are uniformly structured and address epidemiological data, clinical descriptions, assessment, diagnosis and prognosis, and prevention. It is an indispensible resource that expands readers' knowledge and skills, and will encourage dialogue in a field that has many unanswered questions.


Follette, Duckworth, Introduction to the Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Retraumatization. Zayfert, Cognitive Behavioral Conceptualization of Retraumatization. Kudler, A Psychodynamic Conceptualization of Retraumatization. King, Liberzon, Neurobiology of Retraumatization. Schumn, Doane, Hobfoll, Conservation of Resources Theory: The Central Role of Resource Loss and Gain in Understanding Retraumatization. Bonow, Follette, A Functional Analytic Conceptualization of Retraumatization: Implications for Clinical Assessment. Courtois, Retraumatization and Complex Traumatic Stress: A Treatment Overview. Alexander, Retraumatization and Revictimization: An Attachment Perspective. Kuhn, Hoffman, Ruzek, Multiple Experiences of Combat Trauma. Iverson, Monson, Street, Dual Combat and Sexual Trauma During Military Service. Papa, La Bush, Multiple Traumas in Civilian Casualties of Organized Political Violence. Ghimire, Follette, Revictimization: Experiences Related to Child, Adolescent, and Adult Sexual Trauma. Fruzzetti, Lee, Multiple Experiences of Domestic Violence and Associated Relationship Features. Duckworth, Iezzi, Shearer, Retraumatization Associated with Disabling Physical Injuries. Batten, Naifeh, Controversies Related to the Study and Treatment of Multiple Experiences of Trauma. Duckworth, Follette, Conclusions and Future Directions in Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Retraumatization.


ISBN-13: 9781135237325
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2011
Pages: 476