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Research Methods for Nurses and Midwives
Theory and Practice
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Main description:

This book is the only research methods book you need to succeed whilst studying nursing and midwifery.

Ideal for all pre and beyond registration nurses, this book has everything you need to know about consuming, critiquing and using research; it then builds on this foundation to develop these ideas into workable practice for real-world research.

Inspired by over 25 years combined experience, the authors have structured the book around the complimentary spheres of theory and practice and take you through each step of the research process, demonstrating how to choose a question, design your research proposal, collect data, analyse your findings and write up your research.

It explores:

* Evidence-based research
* Literature and systematic reviews
* Ethics
* Secondary Data
* Research design
* Methodologies and individual methods
* Data analysis - quantitative and qualitative

Interwoven with case studies and embracing quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods alike, this balanced textbook provides an introduction to a wide range of theories and methods and is packed full of material specially created to meet student and instructor needs.

Whether you are new to research methods or returning to formal education and hoping to conduct your own research, this book is your ideal companion.


PART ONE: LAYING THE FOUNDATIONSChapter 1: Introduction to Research in Nursing and MidwiferyChapter 2: Evidence-based PracticeChapter 3: The Development of Nursing and Midwifery KnowledgeChapter 4: Quantitative Methodologies: An OverviewChapter 5: Qualitative Methodologies: An OverviewChapter 6: Mixed Methodologies: An OverviewPART TWO: UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH METHODS AND DESIGNS: THE THEORYChapter 7: Randomised Controlled TrialsChapter 8: Qualitative MethodsChapter 9: Surveys, Action Research and Historical ResearchChapter 10: Systematic ReviewsChapter 11: Research DesignPART THREE: UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH METHODS AND DESIGNS: THE PRACTICEChapter 12: The Research ProcessChapter 13: Literature Review: Identifying and Sourcing the LiteratureChapter 14: Literature Review: Reviewing the Narrative DataChapter 15: SamplingChapter 16: Quantitative Methods of Data CollectionChapter 17: Qualitative Methods of Data CollectionChapter 18: Research Governance in Clinical Research: Addressing Ethical IssuesPART FOUR: DATA ANALYSIS AND EVALUATIONChapter 19: Quantitative Data Anaysis: Measures of Clinical EffectivenessChapter 20: Managing and Analysing Qualitative DataChapter 21: RigourChapter 22: Evaluating ResearchPART FIVE: RESEARCH IN ACTION: DISSEMINATION AND APPLICATIONChapter 23: Writing Up and Disseminating Your ResearchChapter 24: Using Research in Clinical PracticeChapter 25: Writing a Professional Research ProposalChapter 26: Where Do I Go from Here?


ISBN-13: 9781473943643
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Ltd)
Publication date: November, 2016
Pages: 608

Subcategories: General Issues, Nursing