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Reflection in CBT
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Main description:

Developing skills and competency in CBT is a complex process of which self-observation and self-reflection are an essential part. In this new book, leading figures Beverly Haarhoff and Richard Thwaites outline the rationale for a focus on self-reflective practice in CBT, before offering practical and accessible guidelines demonstrating how this can be achieved in training and practice.
Highlighting relevant research throughout and using case studies to illustrate theory in practice, ten chapters consider:
- reflection in training and in supervision and self-supervision,
- reflecting on the therapeutic relationship, on our sociocultural perceptions and biases and on client feedback
- how reflection is vital to self-care and to becoming a better therapist, supervisor and trainer.
This is an essential read for trainees in both high and low intensity CBT programmes, those on broader CBT courses, and for qualified practitioners working independently to enhance their self-reflective capacity.


ForewordIntroductionReflection in CBT: Becoming better therapists, supervisors and trainers - Beverly Haarhoff and Richard ThwaitesBringing CBT supervision alive: Maximising the role of supervisor and supervisee reflection - Richard Thwaites and Beverly HaarhoffDeveloping your self-supervision practice: Using reflection to increase therapeutic effectiveness and enhance CBT skill development - Richard Thwaites and Beverly HaarhoffReflecting on the therapeutic relationship in CBT - Beverly Haarhoff and Richard ThwaitesReflecting on our sociocultural background: Becoming more culturally sensitive and effective CBT therapists - Beverly Haarhoff and Richard ThwaitesClient feedback: an essential input to therapist reflection - James Hawkins, Richard Thwaites and Beverly HaarhoffReflection in CBT training - Peter ArmstrongExperiencing CBT for yourself: Using self-practice and self-reflection (SP/SR) to develop therapeutic competence and metacompetence - Richard Thwaites and Beverly HaarhoffReflection in Low Intensity CBT: challenges and practice-based innovations - Paul Farrand, Kat Rayson and Faye SmallUsing self-reflection to promote CBT therapist self-care - Beverly Haarhoff and Richard Thwaites


ISBN-13: 9781473943070
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Ltd)
Publication date: December, 2015
Pages: 216

Subcategories: Psychotherapy