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Real diagnostics versus paradoxical diagnostics
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Main description:

The unicist approach to diagnostics provides the framework to inhibit the creation of fallacies and paradoxical behaviors and to promote the accuracy of diagnoses and forecasts.
Fallacious diagnoses produce necessarily paradoxical consequences. The discovery of the nature and origin of human fallacy building opened an access to secure diagnoses.
This book is a puzzle. It provides the pieces to build the role you are willing to occupy in the world of diagnostics. It was developed for those who work in the world of health and life-sciences as well as those who work in the development of institutions.
The first part of the research on paradoxical functioning explains how paradoxes behave in the field of work, human action and in the healing art.
Although paradoxes corrode human activity, individuals are unaware of their paradoxical behavior. Unless working with a permanent and actual feedback from reality, paradoxes are usually discovered when it is too late.
Research results are presented in a synthetic but abstract language.
This surprising work includes the unicist ontology of paradoxical diagnoses that has been researched to influence their nature.


ISBN-13: 9789871223961
Publisher: Diana Belohlavek (Blue Eagle Group)
Publication date: April, 2007
Pages: None

Subcategories: Medical Diagnosis