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Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy
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Main description:

Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy is the brutally honest and horrifying story of one man's lifelong battle with evil.

Larry Monte Jr. was raped by a Catholic priest beginning in 1972 when he was fifteen years old. The rapes went on for two years. Larry's mental anguish, shame and torment have lasted thirty-eight years, and will never go away.

Larry's story looks behind the curtain of what priest sexual abuse really is and how it permanently destroys lives. In graphic and shocking detail, Larry tells what the Catholic Church's man of God actually did to him in cheap motel rooms throughout the state of New Mexico and how it shattered his spirit and soul.

An Albuquerque businessman, Larry has shunned the safety of clinical and sanitized terms such as "sexual abuse" in favor of blunt, brutal, everyday language and detail. He hopes that in telling his story with such honesty the world will finally come to fully comprehend the absolute horror, degradation and evil that is "priest sexual abuse."

He hopes also that the world, Catholics in particular, will wake up to this evil and demand that the Catholic Church and its raping priests be brought to justice.


ISBN-13: 9780981786971
Publisher: Ingrams (Logan Square Press)
Publication date: March, 2011
Pages: None

Subcategories: Psychology