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Radiation Therapy Techniques and Treatment Planning for Breast Cancer
A Practical Guide on Treatment Techniques
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Main description:

This book addresses the day-to-day treatment planning issues that radiation oncologists are likely to encounter during the treatment of breast cancer patients and provides numerous practical "tips" that will assist in navigation of the treatment planning process, from delineation of the tumor boundaries to discrimination of adjacent normal tissues and critical structures at risk of radiation injury. Differences in target delineation and treatment planning according to technique are emphasized, with coverage of conventional radiation therapy and advanced techniques including cardiac-sparing approaches, e.g., using active breathing control, intensity-modulated radiation therapy, proton beam therapy, and electron beam therapy post mastectomy. Individual chapters also focus on radiation setup and verification techniques and radiation treatment planning systems. The book, which is part of the Springer series Practical Guides in Radiation Oncology, is designed for hands-on use by radiation oncology residents/fellows in training and practicing radiation oncologists.


1. Anatomy and Target Delineation in Breast Cancer 2. Whole Breast Radiation with Conventional Techniques (including prone positioning) 3. Boosting Techniques in Whole Breast RT 4. Comprehensive PMRT and Nodal Radiation with Conventional Techniques 5. Cardiac Sparing Techniques (including ABC and Deep-inspiratory Breath Hold) 6. Proton Beam Radiotherapy 7. Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy 8. Electron Therapy for Postmastectomy RT 9. Hyperthermia in Recurrent Breast Cancer 10. Radiation Setup & Verification Techniques in Breast Cancer 11. Radiation Treatment Planning Systems in Breast Cancer


ISBN-13: 9783319403922
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: September, 2016
Pages: None
Dimensions: 155.00 x 235.00 x 10.00

Subcategories: Oncology