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Radiation in Medicine and Biology
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Main description:

This book focuses on the conventional and emerging applications of radiations, which include radio waves and ultraviolet and gamma radiations. It discusses new techniques in radiation therapy and the effects of ionizing radiations on biological systems. The applications of radiations in the synthesis and use of nanoparticles along with the effects of hypergravity indicate a new trend. The book offers a concise account of the latest studies carried out so far and shows the new initiatives to be undertaken in the field of medicine and biology. It covers the medical use of radiations, such as ferrous sulfate-benzoic acid-xylenol orange dosimetry, Co-60 tomotherapy, radio-electro-chemotherapy, and fractional radiotherapy, and radiobiological effects, such as the effects of cell phone radiations on human health parameters and the combined effects of radiations and hypergravity on plants.


NEW TECHNIQUES IN RADIATION THERAPYGeneration of Bremsstrahlung Radiation from Different Low- to High-Z Targets for Medical Applications: A Simulation ApproachBhushankumar Jagnnath Patil, Vasant Nagesh Bhoraskar, and Sanjay Daga DholeThe Investigation of Cobalt-60 TomotherapyChandra P. Joshi, Pandit B. Vidyasagar, and L. John SchreinerFerrous Sulfate-Benzoic Acid-Xylenol Orange Chemical Dosimetry System in RadiotherapyManoj K. Semwal and Pandit B. VidyasagarRadiobiological Effects in Fractionated Radiotherapy of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma PatientsArumugham Balraj, Pandit B. Vidyasagar, N. Chakravarty, P. K. Thakur, and S. BhatnagarRadio-Electro-Chemotherapy of Cancer: New Perspectives for Cancer TreatmentPratip Shil, Pandit B. Vidyasagar, and Kaushala Prasad MishraMotivation to Explore New Techniques for Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles and Their Immense Importance in Biological and Medicinal ApplicationsKashinath A. Bogle, Vasant N. Bhoraskar, Sanjay D. Dhole, Megha P. Mahabole, and Rajendra S. KhairnarGold Nanoparticle-Assisted Radiation TherapyPrabhakar DongreEFFECTS OF IONIZING RADIATIONS ON BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMSThe Combined Effect of Hyper-Gravity and Gamma-Irradiation on Physiology of Wheat SeedlingsSandhya Singh, Sagar S. Jagtap, and Pandit B. VidyasagarThe Study of the Effect of UV-C Radiation on the Current-Voltage Characteristics of Chitosan MembranesNi Nyoman Rupiasih, Made Sumadiyasa, and Putu Erika WinasriInvestigating Effects of Radiation Due to Cell Phones on Health Parameters of Youngsters during Continuous ConversationSakharam D. Aghav and Pandit B. Vidyasagar


ISBN-13: 9781351797412
Publisher: Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd
Publication date: May, 2017
Pages: 300

Subcategories: General Issues, Oncology