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Qualitative Research in the Health Sciences
Methodologies, Methods and Processes
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Main description:

There is a growing interest in, and acceptance of, qualitative research approaches in the health science disciplines, both as standalone methodologies and integrated with quantitative designs in mixed methods approaches. This comprehensive text provides deeper knowledge and application of a wide range of methodologies, methods and processes, enabling readers to develop their qualitative research skills. Divided into two parts, focusing first on methodologies and then on methods and processes, the text also includes revision of essential aspects of quantitative research as they apply to mixed methods research and a discussion of the uptake of qualitative research in the health sciences. The methodologies covered include: Grounded Theory; Historical Research; Ethnography; Phenomenology; Narrative Inquiry; Case Study Research; Critical Ethnography; Action Research and Mixed Methods. The methods and processes covered include: Interviewing and Analysis; Group Work and Analysis; Narrative Analysis; Discourse Analysis.
Using accessible language to help extend readers' practical research skills, this is a thorough and reliable text to guide advanced students and researchers from all health-related disciplines - including nursing, midwifery, public health and physiotherapy - to the best use of qualitative research.


Part 1: Methodologies 1. Introduction Beverley Taylor 2. Grounded Theory Beverley Taylor 3. Historical Research Karen Francis 4. Ethnography Karen Francis 5. Phenomenology Beverley Taylor 6. Narrative Inquiry Beverley Taylor 7. Case Study Research Beverley Taylor 8. Feminisms Beverley Taylor 9. Action Research Karen Francis 10. Mixed Methods Research Beverley Taylor Part 2: Methods and Processes 11. Introduction Beverley Taylor 12. Interviewing And Analysis Beverley Taylor 13. Group Work and Analysis Beverley Taylor 14. Narrative Analysis Beverley Taylor 15. Discourse Analysis Karen Francis 16. Creative Forms Of Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis Beverley Taylor 17. Uptake of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences Karen Francis


ISBN-13: 9781135039677
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2013
Pages: 320