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Psychotherapy Supervision and Consultation in Clinical Practice
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Main description:

This book focuses on the role of individual and group psychotherapy supervision in clinical practice. Specific examples of the utility of supervision are given in chapters by psychiatrists in private practice, hospital and community centers, and administration. A psychoanalyst discusses his supervision of mental health professionals who are not analysts. Cultural and gender issues that can affect both practice and supervision are the basis of another chapter. Other chapters include the benefits of, and need for, supervision as seen by an administrator and by an expert in disciplinary cases. Useful clinical examples are used throughout the book. This book is written for those mental health professionals already in clinical practice but is useful also for trainees and their supervisors in delineating the ongoing role of psychotherapy supervision in the lifelong development and maintenance of professional skills and standards of practice.


Part 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Why Psychotherapy Supervision Is Essential for Mental Health Professionals Chapter 3 Supervision: Models, Tools, and Supervisory Experiences Part 4 Issues in Supervision and Consultation in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Chapter 5 Supervising Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Chapter 6 Discussing the Undiscussable: The Limits of Supervision Chapter 7 Improving Supervisory Skills: An Exercise in Lifelong Learning Chapter 8 Supervision of Boundary Issues Part 9 So Now I'm Grown Up-Do I Need Supervision? Chapter 10 The Supervision of a Psychiatrist-Manager Chapter 11 A Hospital-Based Clinician's Experiences of Psychotherapy Supervision Chapter 12 Supervision in Private Practice Chapter 13 Index


ISBN-13: 9781461630265
Publisher: Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers
Publication date: August, 2006
Pages: 156
Dimensions: 160.00 x 236.00 x 18.00