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Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy, Fifth Edition
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Main description:

Regarded as the definitive practitioner reference and text, this accessible work addresses how to set up therapy groups and make them work. A wealth of clinical material illustrates the components of effective group therapy and the mechanisms and processes of change. Practical topics discussed include patient selection and preparation, leadership issues, communication of affect in groups, dealing with "difficult" patients, time-limited groups, and facilitating successful terminations. A chapter-length case example with commentary from each author brings an entire group session to life and explores ways to handle common dilemmas. New to This Edition * Incorporates current theory (psychodynamic and interpersonal), and supporting clinical and neurobiological research. * Every chapter revised and updated. * Chapter-length case example is entirely new. * Chapter on Frequently Asked Questions includes many new issues.


1. Groups in Today's Society 2. History of Small-Group Theory and Practice 3. Group Dynamics and Group Development 4. Therapeutic Factors in Group Psychotherapy 5. Mechanisms and Processes of Change 6. Forming a Group 7. Patient Selection 8. Patient Preparation and the Group Agreements 9. The Role of the Group Therapist 10. Beginning the Group 11. Special Leadership Issues 12. Expressions of Affect in Group Psychotherapy 13. The Therapeutic Process: A Clinical Illustration 14. Difficult Groups and Difficult Patients 15. Time-Limited Psychodynamic Groups 16. Termination in Group Psychotherapy 17. Frequently Asked Questions References Author Index Subject Index


ISBN-13: 9781462516629
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Guilford Publications)
Publication date: June, 2014
Pages: 432

Subcategories: Psychotherapy