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Principles and Practice of Geriatric Sleep Medicine
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Main description:

Sleep disorders cause considerable morbidity and distress in the aging population. By highlighting the clinical diagnosis and management of sleep disorders, this volume provides a valuable resource for all those involved in health care of older individuals. The changes in sleep patterns that occur during normal aging are described, followed by authoritative chapters on the presentation of various age-related sleep disorders. The book deals with the range of therapeutic measures available for managing these disorders and gives insight to potential areas of research that have emerged in the last few years, such as the study of circadian rhythms in later life, sleep patterns associated with co-morbidities and the use of quality-of-life measurement tools to determine sleep quality as we age. This volume is relevant to sleep disorders specialists, psychiatrists, geriatricians and gerontologists, and any professionals and researchers working in the interdisciplinary areas of sleep and aging.


Foreword Robert N. Butler; Preface; Acknowledgments; Part I. Sleep and Normal Aging: 1. Aging and circadian rhythms: general trends S. R. Pandi-Perumal, D. Warren Spence and Vijay Kumar Sharma; 2. Possible mechanisms and consequences of age-related changes in the middle years of life Julie Carrier; 3. Sleep throughout the menopause transition and postmenopause Theresa B. Young; 4. Neuropsychology and neuroimaging of sleep-dependent memory processing: implications for aging Matthew P. Walker; 5. Sleep and memory in the elderly Orla Patricia Hornung; 6. Sleep and autonomic dysregulation in the elderly Stefano Zanigni and Pietro Cortelli; 7. Age-related changes in the pharyngeal structure and function in sleep apnea and normal subjects Giora Pillar, David P. White and Atul Malhotra; Part II. Neuroendocrine and Homeostatic Changes in the Elderly: 8. Neuroendocrine correlates of sleep in the elderly Theresa M. Buckley; 9. Melatonin, aging and Alzheimer's disease Daniel P. Cardinali and M. Karasek; 10. Sleep and diabesity in older adults Eve Van Cauter and Rachel Leproult; Part III. Sleep Disorders in the Elderly: 11. Assessment and differential diagnosis of sleep disorders in the elderly Jana R. Cooke and Sonia Ancoli-Israel; 12. Circadian rhythm dysregulation in the elderly: Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome David K. Welsh and Louis John Ptácek; 13. Circadian rhythm dysregulation in the elderly: shift work Timothy H. Monk; 14. Nocturia in the aging population Ragner Asplund; 15. Sleep and fibromyalgia in the elderly David Hallegua and Daniel J. Wallace; 16. Sleep and pain management in the elderly Jeanetta C. Rains and Donald B. Penzien; 17. The effects of depression and anxiety disorders on sleep in the elderly Evelyn Mai and Daniel J. Buysse; 18. Sleep and Parkinson's disease Aleksandar Videnovic and Cynthia L. Comella; 19. Sleep and circadian dysregulation in Alzheimer's disease David Harper; 20. Narcolepsy in the elderly Michel Billiard; 21. Sleep and movement disorders in the elderly Kai Spiegelhalder and Magdolna Hornyak; 22. REM sleep behavior disorder in the elderly Luigi Ferini-Strambi; 23. Sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing in the elderly Andrea H. S. Loewen, Marc J. Poulin and Patrick J. Hanly; 24. Sleep and cardiovascular diseases in the elderly Rohit Budhiraja and Stuart F. Quan; 25. Insomnia in the elderly Megan E. Ruiter, Gregory S. Vander Wal and Kenneth L. Lichstein; 26. Sleep in nursing home residents Jennifer L. Martin; 27. Fatigue and sleepiness in the elderly: risk factors & management strategies Nikola N. Trajanovic and Colin M. Shapiro; 28. Sleep and falls in the elderly Stephanie Anne Studenski; 29. Dreaming and dreaming disorders in the elderly Milton Kramer; 30. Sleep medications and traffic safety in the elderly Monique A. J. Mets and Joris C. Verster; Part IV. Treatment of Sleep Disorders in the Elderly: 31. Geriatric psychopharmacology: an overview Andrew Krystal; 32. Epidemiology of sleep medication use Ineke Neutel and Scott B. Patten; 33. Pharmacological treatment of insomnia in the elderly Jaime M. Monti; 34. Use of benzodiazepines in the aging population: do the benefits outweigh the risks? Malcolm H. Lader; 35. Use of psychotropic drugs in the elderly: effects on sleep architecture Luc Staner; 36. Non-pharmacological treatment of insomnia in the elderly Philip R. Gehrman and Nalaka Gooneratne; 37. Self-help treatments for primary and co-morbid insomnia Bruce D. Rybarczyk and Laurin Mack; 38. Complementary and alternative medicine for sleep disturbances in the elderly Barbara Wider and Max H. Pittler; 39. Therapeutic benefits of napping in the elderly Patricia J. Murphy and Scott S. Campbell; 40. Beneficial therapeutic effects of light in the elderly Glenna A. Dowling and Judy Mastick; 41. Neuroimaging of sleep and sleep interventions in the elderly Eric A. Nofzinger; Index.


ISBN-13: 9780511763724
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: November, 2009
Pages: 470
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 25.00