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Primitive Expression and Dance Therapy
When dancing heals
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Main description:

This book provides a rigorous and comprehensive account of primitive expression in dance therapy, focusing on the use of rhythm and exploring the therapeutic potential inherent in the diverse traditions of popular dance, from tribal shamanic dance to styles such as rock, rap and hip-hop strongly present in our contemporary society. Drawing on the author's vast experience in the field of dance therapy, the book examines biological, psychological and anthropological foundations of rhythm based therapies, considering their roots in biological rhythms such as the heartbeat and using such rhythms in therapy. Chapters include: * The link between animal and man: ethology * Shamanism * Gestural symmetry coupling with the other * Bilateralism as structuring dialogue * Rhythm dance therapy * New fields in the application of dance therapy. Clinical examples are provided throughout the book to comprehensively demonstrate how dance rhythm therapy can contribute to the use of the arts therapies.
It offers a fresh perspective for researchers, psychotherapists and clinicians who want to use dance therapy techniques, as well as arts therapists and those who want to learn more about artistic and cultural dance.


Introduction PART ONE: OUR LINK TO THE WORLD Chapter 1 Human-World Unity A Plural Body Dance and Neuroscience Brain plasticity The Memory of the Body Rhythmic Patterns as Substitute Behaviours Chapter 2 The link between Animal and Man: Ethology Mirroring, Imitation and Simulacra Non-Verbal Language Playing Rituals Chapter 3 Humanization of Homo The Origin of Humanity According to Paleontology The Culture, a Second World PART TWO: TRADITIONAL DANCE THERAPY Chapter 4 Dances of Trance The Trance of Possession Therapeutic Possession Dances of Possession Enthusiasm Chapter 5 Shamanism Universality and the Persistence of Shamanism An invisible World The Shaman A Shaman's Therapeutic Tools The Shamanic Cure PART THREE: THE HUMANIZING PROCESS Chapter 6 The Universe of Fusion and its Dangers The Permeable Body Primary Narcissism The Body Image Psychosis Autism Chapter 7 Between Two Intermediary Space Transitional Creativity Repetition in Rhythm Dance Therapy Duplicating Chapter 8 Gestural Symmetry Coupling with the Other Symmetry in Rites, Games and Dances The Dynamic Sources of Gestural Symmetry The Corporeal Foundations of Gestural Symmetry Gestural Symmetry in Dance Restoring the Link Application in the Treatment of Psychotic and Autistic Patients The Therapeutic Treasure of Oral Cultures: Bilateralism Chapter 9 Bilateralism as Structuring Dialogue The pair Call-Reply The Calling Power of Archetypes The Pairing of Opposites Chapter 10 Symbolization Descending to the Underworld The Liberating Rhythm The Separation from the Animal Kingdom Fort-Da 'Dance' The Paternal function PART FOUR: THERAPEUTIC PROCESS Chapter 11 The healing process The Creation of meaning Symbolic reorganization Pacifying, Mastering and Structuring Sublimation Primitive Aesthetics Chapter 12 Rhythm Dance Therapy Popular Dances for Therapeutic Mediation Rhythm Dance Therapy using Primitive Expression Therapeutic Tools in Primitive Expression Ethics Chapter 13 New fields in the Application of Dance Therapy The Social Field and Dancing for Peace Clinical Applications: Neurological Disorders Conclusion BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX


ISBN-13: 9781317619161
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: December, 2014
Pages: 224

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Psychotherapy