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Primer to The Immune Response
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Main description:

Primer to The Immune Response is an invaluable resource for college students, university undergraduates and students in medicine and other health professions who need a concise but complete and understandable introduction to immunology.
This book is written in the same engaging conversational style as the published reference book The Immune Response: Basic and Clinical Principles and conveys the same fascinating appeal of immunology. The authors bring clarity, readability and continuity of voice to an audience that requires only a brief survey of the most fundamental concepts in basic and clinical immunology. Primer to The Immune Response is beautifully illustrated with over 200 superb figures and 36 full-color plates, and further enhanced by the inclusion of 60 tables and 6 Appendices. Included with purchase of the book is website access to a captivating "Immunomovie” that truly brings the immune response to pathogens to life. This new and unique immunology textbook compactly but elegantly covers both basic and clinical principles.

• Over 200 elegant 2-4 color illustrations
• 36 full-color plates of basic and clinical items of interest
• Take-home message and "Did You Get It?” self-test quiz at the end of each chapter
• 6 Appendices that provide topic enrichment
• 60-minute "Immunomovie” illustrating the immune response to bacterial, viral and parasitic infections
• Companion website housing illustrations/plates and immunomovie


ISBN-13: 2370004748207
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Cell)
Publication date: April, 2008
Pages: 456

Subcategories: General Issues, Immunology