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Preventing Autism
What You Can Do to Protect Your Children Before and After Birth
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A groundbreaking approach to preventing autism--from a renowned pediatrician. Something is happening to our children, and Dr. Jay Gordon is determined to stop it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in eighty-eight children in the United States is being diagnosed with developmental disorders on the autism spectrum (ASD). The accelerating ASD epidemic parallels industry's increased use of untested chemicals in manufacturing and our food supply. Preventing Autism identifies the toxic environmental triggers that can cause autism in susceptible children. Dr. Gordon presents a practical plan for safeguarding the neurological development of your children, from pre-pregnancy preparation through your baby's first twenty-four months. When you are pregnant, everything you experience--the air you breathe, what you eat and drink, the chemicals to which you are exposed, your emotions--is shared with your baby. Your child's health depends on creating an optimal environment for growth before and after birth.
Preventing Autism presents a comprehensive program that covers: The latest research on the causes of ASD and the relationship between genetic factors and toxins that trigger developmental delays. How to reduce toxic exposure from your food, home, clothing, and cleaning and personal care products. The male biological clock. Recent research shows that mutations in older sperm contribute significantly to the incidence of autism. The book includes advice on keeping sperm healthy. Planning a nursery that is a healthy nest. Dietary guidance for moms-to-be, babies, and nursing mothers. Dr. Gordon's sensible approach to decisions about vaccinations. Preventing Autism offers a plan for eliminating harmful chemicals from your everyday life that can disrupt the development of your baby. Dr. Gordon believes we can combat autism one family at a time.


Foreword xi Preface xvii Acknowledgments xxi Introduction: You Can Reduce the Risk of Autism 1 PART ONE The New View of Autism Chapter 1 The Autism Epidemic 13 Chapter 2 The Changing View of Autism 17 Chapter 3 No Two Children with Autism Are Alike 20 Chapter 4 The Autistic Brain 26 Chapter 5 The Genetic Factor 33 Chapter 6 Genetics Loads the Gun, but the Environment Pulls the Trigger 38 PART TWO Protect Your Baby before Birth Chapter 7 Risk Awareness 51 Chapter 8 Get Started the Minute You Think about Having a Baby 63 Chapter 9 What to Do When You Are Expecting 80 Chapter 10 Home Detox 120 Chapter 11 A Wardrobe Not to Die For 159 Chapter 12 Beauty Does Not Have to Hurt 166 Chapter 13 Planning a Nursery That Is a Healthy Nest 204 PART THREE Protect Your Newborn Chapter 14 Feeding Your Newborn 227 Chapter 15 Your Baby Is Changing Every Day 240 Chapter 16 Vaccines: The Middle Ground 257 Afterword: Better Living without Chemicals 266 Appendix: Milestone Tracker 268 References 274 Resources 281 Index 285


ISBN-13: 9781118539989
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (John Wiley & Sons Inc)
Publication date: April, 2013
Pages: 288

Subcategories: Psychiatry