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Presentation, Imaging and Treatment of Common Musculoskeletal Conditions E-Book
MRI-Arthroscopy Correlation (Expert Consult - Online and Print)
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Take the mystery out of MRI interpretation and its relationship to arthroscopy with Presentation, Imaging and Treatment of Common Musculoskeletal Conditions: MR-Arthroscopy Correlation, by Drs. Mark D. Miller and Timothy G. Sanders. Abundantly illustrated with MR, arthroscopic, and anatomical images, this new title offers both orthopaedists and radiologists a correlated, systematic approach to diagnosis, helping you achieve accurate evaluations and ensuring that all clinically relevant structures are adequately assessed. An accompanying case-based DVD illustrates pathology and repair, with side-by-side comparisons of MRI and arthroscopic findings in the same patient.


1. The Basics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2. Introduction to Arthroscopy 3. Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Shoulder 4. Introduction to Arthroscopy of the Shoulder 5. Rotator Cuff Disorders 6. Subscapularis Disorders 7. Pectoralis Major Injuries 8. Anterior Instability (Bankart, AMBRI, HAGL, GLAD) 9. Posterior Instability 10. Multidirectional Instability 11. Superior Labral Injuries 12. Internal Impingement 13. Long Head Biceps Tendon Disorders 14. Synovial Disorders 15. Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) 16. Nerve Entrapment Syndromes 17. Glenohumeral Articular Cartilage Lesions (Osteochondritis Dissecans) 18. Acromioclavicular Disorders (DJD, Osteolysis) 19. Acromioclavicular Separations 20. Sternoclavicular Injuries 21. Proximal Humerus Fractures 22. Glenoid Fractures 23. Scapula Fractures 24. Clavicle Fractures 25. Avascular Necrosis 26. Arthritides 27. Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Elbow 28. Introduction to Arthroscopy of the Elbow 29. Distal Biceps Injury 30. Distal Triceps Injury 31. Lateral Epicondylitis 32. Medial Epicondylitis 33. Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury 34. Lateral Elbow Instability 35. Valgus Extension Overload 36. Pediatric Elbow:Osteochondritis Dissecans, Medial Epicondylar Physeal Injury, and Common Fractures 37. Nerve Entrapment Syndromes 38. Articular Cartilage Injury and Loose Bodies 39. Distal Humerus Fractures 40. Radial Head and Neck Fractures 41. Proximal Ulna Fractures 42. Elbow Bursitis 43. Elbow Arthritis and Stiff Elbow 44. Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Hand and Wrist 45. Introduction to Arthroscopy of the Wrist 46. Tendon Injuries of the Wrist 47. Tendon Injuries and Tendinopathies of the Hand 48. Trigger Finger and Pulley Injuries 49. Ligamentous Injuries of the Wrist (Carpal Instability) 50. Ligamentous Injuries of the Hand 51. Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injuries 52. Abutment Disorders 53. Nerve Entrapment Syndromes 54. Vascular Syndromes 55. Distal Radius and Ulnar Fractures 56. Scaphoid Fractures 57. Other Carpal Fractures 58. Hand Fractures 59. Kienbock's Disease 60. Soft Tissue Lesions 61. Arthritides 62. Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Hip 63. Introduction to Arthroscopy of the Hip 64. Muscle Injuries and Avulsions 65. Snapping Hip (Internal and External) 66. Athletic Pubalgia 67. Neurovascular Entrapment Syndromes at the Pelvis 68. Labral Tears, Ligament Teres Injury, and Chondral Injury 69. Femoral Acetabular Impingment (CAM and Pincer) 70. Osteonecrosis 71. Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures 72. Proximal Femur Fractures 73. Synovial Disorders 74. Bursitis 75. Arthritis 76. Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Knee 77. Introduction to Arthroscopy of the Knee 78. Meniscal Disorders 79. Anterior Cruciate Ligament 80. Posterior Cruciate Ligament 81. Medial Collateral Ligament/Posteromedial Complex 82. Lateral Collateral Ligament Complex and Posterolateral Corner Structures 83. Multiple Ligament Injuries 84. Osteochondral Injuries 85. Patellar Instability 86. Extensor Mechanism 87. Osteonecrosis 88. Distal Femur Fractures 89. Proximal Tibia and Fibula Fractures 90. Patellar Fractures 91. Synovial Disorders 92. Bursitis 93. Arthritides 94. Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Foot and Ankle 95. Introduction to Arthroscopy of the Ankle 96. Achilles Tendon Disorders 97. Flexor Tendon Disorders 98. Peroneal Tendon Disorders 99. Extensor Tendon Disorders 100. Compartment Syndrome 101. Calf Injuries 102. Chronic Ankle Instability 103. Acute Ankle Ligament Injuries 104. Ligamentous Injuries of the Foot 105. Osteochondral Lesions 106. Impingement Syndromes 107. Nerve Entrapment Syndromes 108. The Plantar Fascia 109. Bunions/Bunionettes 110. Claw and Hammer Toes 111. Tarsal Coalition 112. Disorders of the Hallucal Sesamoids 113. Stress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle 114. Ankle Fractures 115. Tarsal Fractures 116. Foot Fractures 117. The Diabetic Foot 118. Arthritidies of the Foot and Ankle


ISBN-13: 9781437736267
Publisher: Elsevier (Saunders)
Publication date: December, 2011
Pages: 1568

Subcategories: Orthopaedics and Fractures