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Prelogical Experience
An Inquiry into Dreams and Other Creative Processes
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Main description:

One of the foundational texts of interpersonal psychoanalysis, Prelogical Experience (1959) is a pioneering attempt to elaborate an interpersonal theory of personality that encompasses the nonpropositional, nonverbal dimension of human experience. Prelogical processes, the authors hold, cannot be consigned to infancy; rather they shape experience throughout life and are especially salient in relation to dreams, emotion, perception, and the arts. Of special note is Tauber and Green's elaboration of the clinical situation that grows out of an appreciation of prelogical experience. In a striking anticipation of contemporary thinking, they approach patient-therapist interaction in terms of the continuous exchange of "presentational data" by patient and analyst. These data enable patient and therapist alike to "know" more about the other than can ever be expressed in propositional terms. This perspective assigns an important role to what Piaget would term "the cognitive unconscious" in the clinical process. It likewise sustains a view of the countertransference - which includes the analyst's own dreams - as a vital source of presentational data about the patient.
As Donnel Stern notes in his Introduction, these and other insights "amount to a surprisingly contemporary description of psychoanalytic treatment."


Introduction. The Prelogical Processes in Human Experience. Language, Symbols, and Scientific Method. The Creative Function of the Image. Symbolization and the Maturation Process. The Human Situation as Reflected in Perceptual Experience. Subthreshold Phenomena in the Perceptual Processes. Subthreshold Phenomena in Altered States of Consciousness. Extrasensory Perception. An Inquiry into the Therapist-Patient Relationship. Countertransference and Subthreshold Communication. Some Observations on Dreams and Dream Analysis. The Dream as a Message.


ISBN-13: 9781135060367
Publisher: Analytic Press,U.S.
Publication date: January, 2006
Pages: 216
Dimensions: 152.00 x 229.00 x 13.00

Subcategories: Psychotherapy