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Policing in Taiwan
From authoritarianism to democracy
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Main description:

The police in Taiwan played a critical role in the largely peaceful transition from an authoritarian regime to a democracy. While the temptation to intervene in domestic politics was great, the top-down pressure to maintain a neutral standing facilitated an orderly regime change. This is the first monograph to examine the role of the police as a linkage between the state and civil society during the democratic transition and the role of the police in contemporary Taiwan. Starting with a brief history of Taiwan, this book examines the development of policing in Taiwan from a comparative, environmental, historical, operational, philosophical and political perspective; considers the role of the police in the democratic transition; and draws comparisons between police cultures in the East and in the West - both now and in the past. Taiwan operates as a modern country within an East Asian culture and this book shows that Taiwan's move towards democracy may have political ramifications for the rest of the nations in the area. Including references to literature on policing in China and the U.S
, this book about Taiwan police may serve as a springboard for academics and students to learn about similar cultures in this important area of the world. Policing in Taiwan will be of interest to academics and students who are engaged in the study of criminology, criminal justice, policing studies and Asian studies, as well as the general reader.


Preface, Peter K. Manning 1. Introduction: The Great Transition Part 1: Historical Developments 2. Policing under Martial Law 3. Crime Control during the Democratic Transition 4. Policing in the New Century Part 2: Critical Issues 5. Training, Education, and Promotion 6. Police Culture 7. Police Misconduct and Corruption: deja vu Experience? Part 3: Emerging Challenges 8. Female Officers on the Move 9. Policing Socially-Disadvantaged Groups: Criminalization or Victimization? 10. Confidence in the Police 11. Coda: Taiwan's Conundrum.


ISBN-13: 9781135916497
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: March, 2016
Pages: 248

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy